Dear readers, here at this blog, we love Mahershala Ali. However, we are triggered when Ahmadi’s try to use him for marketing purposes. Mahershala Ali is not a traditional Ahmadi by any means. He was not born an Ahmadi and simply converted since he loved his girlfriend (who is an ahmadi female). He has 2 younger brothers and they are not Ahmadi. His father was also a soul train dancer. Pakistani-Ahmadi’s are hard core, they don’t like Mahershala and feel that he is embarrassing Ahmadiyya. In fact, the Khalifa doesn’t allow Ahmadi’s to go to weddings wherein there might be dancing and has threatened Ahmadi women with ex-communication if they fail to do full Hijab. Another actor got alcohol all over Mehershala, in fact, he got alcohol in his mouth and etc. There are 2 videos of relevance, the dancing is in the second one.
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Mahershalalhashbaz Ali’s conversion to Ahmadiyya story

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