“Raz-e-Haqiqat” in english as “A Hidden Truth” is an announcement that MGA and his team published in Nov of 1898. It was translated into english for the first in 2016 by the Qadiani branch of Ahmadi’s and turned into a book. However, this was never a book of MGA’s before 2016. It was Published in Qadian at Ziya-ul-Islam Press, under the supervision of its Proprietor,
Hakeem Fazl-ud-Deen of Bhera, on 30 November 1898, Copies: 2,100 were made. We are not sure if this and other announcements were published in any newspaper. MGA went to court in the early part of 1899 and lied about many things, specifically, his newest prophecy, it came from MGA’s annoucement of 21 Nov 1898, MGA basically said that Batalvi would be humiliated by 15 Jan 1900. However, the British government didn’t care about any of this, since during 1857, MGA’s family was the most loyal in all of the Gurdaspur district and helped the British government in their time of need, and thus, MGA was above the law, he ran free and terrorized his fellow Indians. MGA even denied having a revelation about the fall of the British Government.

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“”””I specifically publish this announcement for my community so that they should await the outcome of the announcement of 21 November 1898, published as a prayer-duel with respect to Sheikh Muhammad Husain of Batala, the editor of Isha’at-us-Sunnah as well as two of his associates. The period for this prayer-duel is set to expire on 15 January 1900.””””
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Out of fear from Ahmadi’s and MGA’s fake prophecies, Batalvi registered to buy a gun (1898-1899), but was denied

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The Mirza family was above the law in British-India

In the early 1890’s, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that the British Government’s control of India would end in 8 years


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