In  Malfoozat Page 557, while opposing “tasawwur e Shaikh”, a sufi term describing worship of God through the image of shaykh (a spiritual leader), in mind, Mirza says:

“that deity worship starts from tasawwur e Shaikh (to keep picture of shaikh in mind while praying Allah), subsequently, the need of shaikh,s picture was felt so that it should keep sticking in imagination of the worshipper before the idea further developed into making of metal and stone sculptures and deities and the worshipper took them an alternate for pictures. Ultimately, the concept evolved into idol worshipping.”

However, when an objection was raised on the picture of Mirza sb he immediately took a U turn on it and said:-

“This is an attack on my intent by the opponents. The reason for drawing a picture was that we intend to do tabligh in the cities of Europe, particularly in London but these peoples do not pay attention till they come to know of full particulars of the prophet. These Europeans are so advanced in the knowledge of photography and drawing picture that they are able to judge the truthfulness or falsehood of a claimant of prophethood from his picture. So i have got my photographs made for the purpose of tabligh. If the opponents are so much against the drawing picture then the should get their eyes removed because every eye has image in it.”
(Page 556 Malfoozat).

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