As we all know, Opium abuse was rampant in British-India.  Constricted pupils is dead give off of an opium addict.  MGA could barely open his eyes, in fact, in the 1878-era, a person got the impression that MGA was an opium addict, he later became an Ahmadi, nonetheless, he confessed to thinking that MGA was on drugs as early as 1878.  Later on, after 1900, Mirza Bashir Ahmad tells us that MGA could barely open his eyes and was always in this condition.
In fact, the laziness of MGA also proves that he was an opium addict.  MGA simply laid around all day and did nothing with his life.  He lived the good-life, his dad was rich, his brother was accomplished and representing the family politically and his eldest son, Mirza Sultan Ahmad was working.  MGA simply laid on his charpai all day and did nothing with his life.

The Quote
“When he (Mirza Ghulam) came for the first time to my press, he sat on a pillowed seat and I sat on one seat and he discussed with me about the book, looking at his dozy eyes, I thought that perhaps he uses opium, as is commonly the habit of rich people, but when I heard his talk or speech and thought about the articles of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, I was amazed at the condition of an Opium use is not like this, such man cannot write like this.  Then Hazrat Sahib went away…..Now I regretted my first mistake and repented it and know very well that it is the intoxication of divine knowledge and not that of opium as I first thought.”””

Statement of Qadiani Sahabi, Sheikh Noor Ahmad Sahib, Owner of Riaz Hind press, Al-Fazl, Newspaper, Qadian, vol. 34, No. 194, dated 20th August 1940. 

Photoshoot from the 1902 era

I didn’t make this meme, nonetheless, it shows a reference from Seeratul Mahdi wherein it is related that MGA could barely ever open his eyes, which is a dead give off of an opium addict.
Moreover, MGA hated working and preferred to lay around the house all day and do nothing.
These patterns of behavior prove that MGA was on opium his whole life.  MGA began using Riaz e Hind press in 1880 (see page 91, Life of Ahmad, Dard, online edition)

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Interestingly enough, this unofficial website of Ahmadiyya has tried to refute most of my essays on MGA and opium, however, the owner of the website, who is a novice-Ahmadi and has no authority or scholarship to his name, he didn’t quote this reference and has totally avoided it.
Read their response here.  

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