Nurul-Haqq was a 2-part booklet written by MGA and his team of writers in 1894. Part-1 was published in February of 1894 (see Muhammad Ali’s, “Prophethood in Islam”, 1915). Noor-ul-Haq Part-2 was published on May 18, 1894, (see Mujadid e Azim, abridged english edition, page 507). This book is in Arabic only, however, the original also contained an Urdu translation. This book has never been translated into english (see Hidden Treasures). This is the same book wherein MGA’s team wrote Lanaat 1000 times.

In Part-1, MGA and his team never even mentioned any hadith about eclipses and etc, in fact, in 15 years as a writer, MGA had never connected the famous prophecy of the Mahdi with any hadith about eclipses. However, 14 years later in 1907, in Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA claimed to have predicted the eclipses in Nurul-Haqq Part-1, pages 35-38. NURUL-HAQQ (Part-1) is mentioned in the ROR of May-1947._____________________________________________________________________________________________Quotes
Nurul- Haqq, Part I, p. 29, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, pp. 39, see also Hidden Treasures

“””I had no worldly resources, horses or soldiers except that I wield my pen and decided that I would not write any book without mentioning the blessings of the reign of Queen Victoria for which all Muslims ought to be grateful…. It is our duty according to our religion. He, who is not thankful to men, cannot be grateful to God Who loves fairness…. I have published these books not only in India but also in Arabia and other countries…. This is what I have done for the British Government. God above is the witness of the sincerity of my motives. I have not served the Government out of fear, nor have I ever expected a reward at its hands…. On the other hand, I have a right to say that I am like a shield for the British Government to protect it from calamities. God has told me that He will not let harm come to it while I am with it. Hence, there is no one else like me in respect of the help that I have rendered to the British Government, which it will find out soon if it has any insight into people.””””
(Nurul Haq, Part I, p.30)(See Truth about Ahmadiyyat by
B. A. Rafiq, online version,, Retrieved on 6-25-19).  

“””This Government safeguards the lives and the properties of the Muslims and provides them with security against the attack of every wrongdoer… I have not embarked upon this enterprise out of any fear of Government or in the hope of any reward from it. All I have done is in accordance with the divine command and the command of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.””” 
Reference: Ruhani Khaza’in: v.8 p.69; Nur-al-Haq p.50

“This is that Moses, man of God, concerning whom the Quran infers that he is alive, so it is obligatory upon us to believe that he is alive in Heaven and that he is not among the dead.”
Nurul-Haqq, Part-1, p. 64
See Omar Khan’s explanation at the 36:35 mark

Urdu transliteration
“”Uskay Rubb nay isko Hukum dee tha, kay vo Medina baag jai”””

English translation
“”God instructed his prophet to run to Medina””
Nurul-Haqq, Part I, p. 41, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, pp. 56-57, See also Hidden Treasures, See also the 2009, online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””I have seen Jesus, on whom be peace, several times in my dreams and my visions. He has eaten with me at the same table and once I asked him about that which had befallen his people. He was much perturbed and recalled the greatness of Allah and proclaimed His Holiness and
pointed to the earth and said: I am from the earth and am innocent of that which they attribute to me. I found him a humble and courteous person.””” 
page 184, (See also Hidden Treasures).

“””Oh God! Am I not from You? At this time, when there is an onslaught of disbelievers, Oh God, you come to my aid from sky and help this humble self.”””
[Nurul-Haqq, part 1, pp. 32–33, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 45](See also the 2009, online english edition of Tadhkirah).

“””…I am able to say that I am like an amulet for this government, and am like a refuge to safeguard it against calamities. God has given me the good news saying:

[Arabic] Allah would not chastise them while you are among them.
Nurul-Haqq, part 1, pp. 41–42, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 57, See also the 2009, online english edition of Tadhkirah

“”””On another occasion I saw him [Hadrat ‘Isa, peace be upon him] standing at the threshold of my door holding a paper in his hand as if it was a letter. Then it was conveyed to me that the letter contained the names of those who love God and whom God loves and that it describes the ranks of nearness to God which they enjoy. I read this letter and discovered that towards the end there was an entry with regard to me proceeding from Allah the Almighty to the effect:

[Arabic] He is to Me like My Unity and Uniqueness and soon will he be made well known among people.
(Nur al-Haq, vol. I, p. 46).
Taken from the Lahori-Ahmadi website:

“”””It should be known that the Holy Quran does not arbitrarily give the command to fight. It gives the command to fight only against those people who prevent others from believing in God, and stop them from obeying His commandments and worshipping Him. It gives the command to fight against those who attack Muslims without cause, expel them from their homes and countries, and prevent people from becoming Muslims. These are they with whom God is wroth, and Muslims must fight them if they do not desist””””
[Nurul-Haqq, part 1, p. 52, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 72](See also the 2009, online english edition of Tadhkirah).

“””(A) The truth that has been shown to us by the True God, the All-Wise, and the information conveyed to us by the Knower of the Subtleties is that the weapons of the Promised Messiah are heavenly and not earthly and that all his campaigns are with a spiritual outlook and not with
material weapons. He will kill his enemies with his looks and his courage, that is to say with his spiritual force and his penetrating arguments and not with arrows, lances, or swords and that his kingdom is heavenly and not earthly.”””
[Nurul-Haqq, part 1, p. 54, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 75](See also the 2009, online english edition of Tadhkirah).

“””(B) Our Lord has revealed to us that the battles of the Promised Messiah are spiritual battles, which will take place with a spiritual outlook.””” 
[Nurul-Haqq, part 1, pp. 57–58, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, pp. 79–80](See also the 2009, online english edition of Tadhkirah).

“”””It was revealed upon my heart that the Masihas [Messiah] applied the term Antichrist to the Christians of the latter age. He did not apply the epithet to earlier ones though they were also astray and were given to perverting the scriptures. The clue to this is that the earlier Christians did not exert themselves so hard to mislead people as the later ones did. Indeed, they had not the power to do so.””””  
Nurul Haq part 1 Rohani Khazain Vol-8, pages 59-60

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani prophesies as under:-

“At present Queen is busy in worldly affairs and not inclined toward religion and whenever she is free, she would accept only Islam and would join the Millat of Khatamun Nabiyyeen. She looks at Islam with the eyes of love.

I find signs of inclination toward right path in her. Soon she (Queen) would enter into religion of Islam. Our esteemed queen is the place of hope for guidance and she has been given a heart having love for Islam. Allah would soon enter TAUHEED (Islam) into her hearts and in the hearts of her princes. I see many officers of her government entering into Islam. I find that they are the eggs of Islam, and soon chicks (children) of Millat would generate out of it, whose faces would be turned towards religion of Allah.”


[Nurul-Haqq, part 1, p. 73, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 98](See also the 2009, online english edition of Tadhkirah)(Also quoted in Muhammad Ali, Prophethood in Islam, 1915).

“”””It has been revealed upon my heart that the meaning of the word ruh in the verse {{(On the day when the Spirit [and the angels] will stand… (al-Naba’, 78:39)}} is the company of Messengers, Prophets, and Muhaddathin, all together, on whom Ruhul-Qudus [the spirit of holiness] descends and who are granted the converse with Allah.””””
[Nurul-Haqq, part 1, p. 114, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 153](See also the 2009, online english edition of Tadhkirah).

“”””It has been revealed to me by my Lord that you will not be able to enter into this contest and that Allah will disclose your helplessness, and will humiliate you and will establish that you are held prisoner by ignorance and error, and that, even if you were supported by your people in this opinion, you would all be finally vanquished.”””
______________________________________________________________________________________________See Nur-ul-Haq (1894), volume 8 of Roohani Khazain, Part-1, Pg.158 – 162

The scans

See Nur-ul-Haq (1894), volume 8 of Roohani Khazain, Part-1, Pg. 163

“””It should be known that each person who is ‘wald-ul-halaal’ [of legitimate birth] and is not from ‘dhurriyat-ul-baghaayaa’ [the progeny of prostitutes, stated in the Urdu text as ‘kharaab aurtoan … kee nasl’, meaning, the progeny of bad women] and [the] progeny of dajjaal, he will definitely accept one of the two things. Either he will abstain from lying and false accusations after this or [he will] produce a publication like this publication of mine.”” [RK, v. 8, p. 163; approximately middle of the page; Noor-ul-Haq]


Nurul-Haqq, Part-1, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p.272

“‘And Allah does not leave me on error for a moment it takes to bat an eyelid. He protects me from all error and guides me from the ways of the devil”. 


Nurul-Haqq, Part-1, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p.353
Via Omar Khan (at the 32:50 mark)

Urdu transliteration
“””sach to yeah hai, ke masih kee Khud-Khushee ka khial nay unko Khila ker dia””

English translation
“””the truth is, the thought of suicide is what destroyed Esa (As)””

Urdu transliteration
“”Musa nay kaaayn lakh bai gunna bachai mar daalay, Koi Esai nay kahtha ke yeh burra kaam kia”””

English transliteration
“””Moses (as) killed many hundred thousand innocent children, no Christian says that this was bad..”

“Like a man who eats feces (poo/shit) for a long time, and thinks of it as nice and

good food, … do you eat shit, you who is the shit of the malicious people? … he said

i would not eat shit”

(MGA’s arabic book nur alhaq page 115)

“كمثل رجلٍ كان يأكل البُرازَ مِن مدة مديدة، ويحسبه من أغذيةٍ لطيفةٍ جديدةٍ، … أتأكل البراز يا بُرازَ الخبيثين؟

…. قال إني ما آكل البراز”. (نور الحق، ص 115)

MGA says _____________________________________________________________________________________________

“if you remove the poo/shit from the toilet but some of its particles remained, would you eat there? As well, if the remains of filth stay in the heart, the angels of mercy

would not enter it. (AL-HAKAM NO. 39, page 8, NO. 31/10/1902)

“إذا أزيل البراز من المرحاض وبقيت فيه بعض أجزائه، هل يستسيغ أحد أن يأكل الطعام هنالك؟ كذلك إذا

بقيت في القلب شوائب القذارة لما دخله ملائكة الرحمة”. (الحكم، مجلد6، رقم39، صفحة 8، عدد: 31/10/1902م)

MGA says

“who their eyes commit adultery, and their hearts are more unclean than feces/poo/shit, and those who never mention death, by god, I am innocent of them … they are like a mouse that grow up in darkness”. (MGA’s arabic book تذكرة الشهادتين page 119)

“الذين عيونهم تزني، وقلوبهم أكثر نجاسة من البراز، والذين لا يذكرون الموت أبداً، فإنني وربي بريء منهم. …إنما هم كالفأر الذي يتربى في الظلام”. (تذكرة الشهادتين، ص 119)


MGA says

“There is no doubt that Allah has blackened their faces with humiliation, this is what is called good ripe fruit for MUBAHALA, and this is the divine support, but holding on

to lying is like eating shit and manure”. (عاقبة آتهم، ص 243)

“لا شك أن الله تعالى قد سوّد وجوههم بذلة. فهذا ما يسمى ثمارا ناضجة طيبة للمباهلة. وهذا هو التأييد الإلهي، أما التمسك بالكذب تكلّفا فهو أكْل البراز والروث”. (عاقبة آتهم، ص 243)

MGA says

“And fall like flies on the pus, mucus and the shit of people, and leave roses ……”. (حمامة البشرى، ص 158)

“ويسقطون كالذباب على قَيح ومُخاط وبُراز الناس، ويتركون وَرداً وريحانا ومسكا وعنبرا وأنهارَ ماءٍ مَعين”.

حمامة البشرى، ص 158)

MGA says

“His body is now of a special kind so that he no longer needs food, nor to dress, nor to urine, and nor to shit/defecation.” (إزالة الأوهام، ص 356)

“وإن جسمه الآن من نوع خاص بحيث لم يعد بحاجة إلى الطعام ولا إلى اللباس ولا إلى البول والتبرُّز”. (إزالة الأوهام، ص 356)

MGA says

“Elahi Bakhsh filled his book the rod of Moses with false accusations, obscenities, and with uncleanness which is contrary to reality, it’s like a channel of water filled with mud, or a toilet filled with shit”. (إعلان في 15/12/1900،الإعلانات، ج2)

لقد ملأ المنشي إلهي بخش كتابه عصا موسى بالتهم الباطلة والبهتانات وبنجاسة ما يخالف الواقع كما تمتلئ قناة ماء آسن بالوحل أو كما يمتلئ المرحاض بالبراز (إعلان في 15/12/1900، الإعلانات، ج2)
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