Ironically, MGA claimed that his God keeps him free from error (See Nurul-Haqq, Part-1, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p.272)(1894), however, in this same era, MGA was confused about his own prophethood. However, in 1902, via Ijaz-e-Ahmadi, MGA says that Prophets, Messengers and Muhadas’ make mistakes all the time. Nevertheless, MGA asserts in the same book that these are mistakes on minor issues and MGA continues and says that claims/teaching are never misunderstood, because they are shown from close range. In the quote i.e., Nurul-Haqq, Part-1, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p.272)(1894), MGA seems to be challenging Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi.

This is all contradictory, since MGA admits that his God was telling him that he was Eisa (as) as early as 1879, and MGA claims to have watered it down and only claimed Maseel-e-Maseeh (which is a lie). MGA did the same with his claim of prophethood, MGA claims that his God was calling him a prophet as early as 1879 and he kept watering it down and eventually claimed Muhadassiyat in 1891, and then he raised it to full prophethood in 1901. Did MGA forget all of this in 1902?

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Nurul-Haqq, Part-1, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p.272

“‘And Allah does not leave me on error for a moment it takes to bat an eyelid. He protects me from all error and guides me from the ways of the devil”. 



Ijaz-e-Ahmadi, online english edition, page 42
See Muhammad Ali, Prophethood in Islam (1915)

“””There are some who think that if a mistake is made in understanding some revelation then the assurance of safety, security and protection is lost, and a suspicion is created that perhaps that Prophet or Messenger or Muhaddath [a recipient of divine converse] might also be mistaken in his claim. This thought is totally sophistic and those people who are on the verge of insanity are the ones who say precisely such things”””. (See page 42)

“”Hence, in the case of a Prophet, his claim and teachings can be likened to the eye looking at things from very close and does not err in identifying them correctly. And, the misjudgement on their part regarding certain matters can be likened to the eye that at times makes an error in recognizing the objects lying at some distance”” (see pages 44-45).
Majmua Ishtiharat, page 155
Explained by Imtiaz Muhammad herein at the 2:42:22 timestamp.

MGA is talking about ijtihad, he says that if he makes an error in ijtihad, his God will eventually correct him.

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