The Ahmadiyya global census number is unknown, it is most likely 2-3 million.  Ahmadiyya leadership has lied over and over again about this number. In fact, in 2000-2002, they were reporting 20-40 million new Ahmadi’s from India alone.  However, the reality is that we see too few Ahmadi’s from Indian jamaat’s. We know that there are many Ahmadi’s on the indian side of the Kashmir state, however, even there the number of Ahmadi’s is unknown. In 2011, Nicholas H. A. Evans was told that there were 80,000 to 200,000 Ahmadi’s in India, which is an exaggeration.

Muslims in Kerala, India?
Factually, there are over 20 million Muslims in Kerala.

Ahmadi’s in Kerala, India?
Based on our research, we estimate that there are 7000 Ahmadi’s in Kerala, India.

Ahmadi’s in South India?
We have counted roughly 20 Ahmadiyya masjids via Google maps.

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