How many Ahmadi’s are there on the Indian side of Kashmir?  Its really a mystery.  However, we have found some reports that we will present in the below.  Per Ahmadiyya reports, with a population of merely 10,000, the Ahmadiyyas are a minority community in Kashmir – a state with a population of over 12 million. While some are scattered across the state, most of the community members are concentrated in four villages of the Kulgam and Shopian district of south Kashmir: Kanipora, Shurat, Yaripora and Reashinagar.  The Ahmadiyya community runs five schools in South Kashmir.  The Reashinagar village in Shopian district is the largest Ahmadiyya village in Kashmir.  Many Ahmadi’s are serving in the police and the armed forces. All of them conceal their professional identity to fend off attacks while not on duty. “Even when they are not wearing uniforms, they are regarded as conspirators against Kashmiri’s and attacked,” says an anonymous Ahmadi.

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