We have written about this before, Ahmadiyya leadership has always lied about the number of converts to their cult.  In this specific video, Mirza Tahir Ahmad announces 40 million converts to Ahmadiyya just from India alone.  It’s obviously a lie.

A summary
The lies stretch out over the whole 2 hours of the speech. The 40 Million India number is the highest announced and the mirza asks for special attention to this figure from the crowd and repeats them for emphasis. Other Highlights I remember were Congo, with more than 7 Million converts, which would account for about 10% of Congo’s Population today. Other countries were either into the lakhs or crors too with miraculous jumps from low thousands a year ago to lakhs or crores in 2001. In total, the figure announced that year was 80 Million worldwide.

I leave the full video here because I didn’t listen to the full length here but I’d be interested what conversion figure he announced for USA, Canada etc. I couldn’t find announcements for most western countries. The Mirza was talking about Africa most of the time. Conveniently, no one will ever bother to go to Africa to check out whether Congo’s population really has 10% qadiani’s.

It is however amazing, to see how the qadiani’s sit patiently there and listen to their leader lying blatantly on record. It looks like they know that he is lying, and mirza knows it as well. But they pull through anyway. I don’t know who is the adressee of these lies. Has no one ever asked qadianis about these lies in an interview or something?

The video from Ahmadiyya sources at the 1 hour and 47 minutes mark

And here

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