A famous Ahmadi has recently died here in America, his name was Mujeeb ur Rahman. He fought the famous case of Zaheeruddin v. State, which was against the Pakistani government in 1993. He was brainwashed to be a hard core Ahmadi since his birth. He moved to Qadian in roughly the late 1930’s and was totally raised up there, he then migrated with all other Ahmadi’s from Qadian in 1947 and landed in Chiniot. From Chiniot he passed the matriculation exam.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________He was born in British India, in bengal, modern day Bangladesh

In his lengthy interview, he explains how he is ethnically Bengali, since that’s where his father and other ancestors are from.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The late 1930’s

He seems to have moved to Qadian in this era.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________August 1947

He migrates with the rest of the Ahmadi’s from Qadian (313 Ahmadi’s stayed in Qadian). He moves to Chiniot for a few years then moves to Rabwah.

His mother dies and his schooling officially end. He joins the Pakistan Air Force. While in the Air Force, he attended Punjab University at night and completed a BA. He then began going to school for an MA in law. He only joined this career field since his Khalifa had urged Ahmadi’s to do so, so that they could use them if the Jamaat ever needed legal help. He seems to have stationed in Karachi. He seems to have attended the Karachi University and gotten his MA from this.

His Air Force contract expired. He then moved to Rawalpindi and setup his law practice. He wanted to move to Lahore at one point, however, Mirza Nasir Ahmad (the Khalifa) ordered him to stay. He seems to have stayed in Rawalpindi for the rest of his life.

He lost his famous case of Zaheeruddin v. State, which was against the Pakistani government. 


He seems to have came to the USA and did a series of lectures and comments on Ahmadi persecution.
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