Ahmadiyya is dying in the west. The vast majority of Ahmadi’s who are born and raised in the West (Germany, the UK, Canada and the USA) are rapidly leaving the Ahmadiyya Movement.  This is why they are pushing hard on the persecution card.
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Bilal Rana was the President of Majlis Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya (MKA) for a long time, nowadays, he seems to have reached above the age of 40, and thus removed from MKA.  He recently gave an arrogant and haughty speech at the 2019 USA-Jalsa, he bragged about how his father gave him a car to start his life, however, the average american never got anything from their parents.  In this speech he presented a long list of seemingly large issues the community is going through. Namely, the number of jammat members not paying their Chanda (roughly 67%). The number of youth marrying out of the community (he stated one city where 71% of the children have married out of the community) and the increasing divorce rate (22%). He also noted that a large number of youth are using drugs and alcohol. A number of these arguments I can appreciate for a religous organization (Chanda, substance use, pardah etc.). Where he loses me in the argument is his strong advocacy against marrying outside of the community. He basically says that there are too many people “fake” converting for the sake of marriage or marrying out of the community and now many young women are left single and unmarried.
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