In 2022, Rana Tanveer covered this story also. Samra Habib is an interesting girl. As any pious Ahmadis do and as it is a long established tradition in Toronto, her parents wanted to wed her off at age 13 to an older man and thus ruin here life once and for all, before she would be mature enough to think for herself. She discovered that she was gay, ran away from home and lives and independent life in Toronto.

But here is the Joke: She continues to defend the Ahmadiyya sect, who interestingly haven’t excommunicated her yet.

While for the average Ahmadi footsoldier even the red lipstik photoshoot like Samra Habib did would be reason enough for expulsion, Samra Habib is still getting the VIP treatement.

The Ahmadis probably think, that as long as she is defending the Ahmadiyya idiology, it doesn’t matter that she is gay and thus according to the Ahmadiyya believes destined for Hell. Therefore her excommunication is on hold for now.

Ahmadis have shown that they are flexible in bending their own rules, when it benefits them. For example they gladly hosted openly Gay Artur Wilczynski, who is the Canadian Ambassador to Norway and bragged about it. Without highlighting of course, what they think about Gay’s. Having good relations with Canada in that case was more important than telling him that AHmadis deem Gays filthy and destined for Hell. The Ahmadis who hosted him had probably desinfected their premises afterward.

This girl impressively demonstrates how hard for some people it is to escape the mental prison Ahmadis raise their followers in. Despite having done the unthinkable and outing herself as Gay, she finds it hard to leave the Ahmadiyya sect and even defends the schemes of Ahmadis. And this for a Girl who lives in the open society of Toronto.


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