Major General Nasir Ahmad Chaudhary (also spelled Chaudhry)(1920–2010) was yet another Ahmadi who became a General in the Pakistani Army. He was murdered in the famous Lahore attacks on 2 of the Ahmadiyya movements places of worship in Lahore. His father (Chaudrhy Safdar Ali, sub-inspector) was also murdered, he was murdered in 1930 (this doesn’t seem to be an Ahmadiyya targeted killing, maybe a family dispute), he was barely 10 years old, nevertheless, he graduated from school in 1941 and immediately joined the British-Army. He signed up for Wasiyyat and got married in 1942-1943, thus, the Mirza family got 10-30% of his earnings for the rest of his life. He was shot in the leg in 1971, which remained there, doctors could not remove the bullet, he lived with extreme pain the rest of his life. He served until 1975. After his retirement, he dedicated his life to Ahmadiyya and worked exclusively for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat as a in-charge of literature and later as President. He died in 2010 in the Ahmadiyya mosque (Masjid Nur) massacre (death by grenade). Mirza Masroor Ahmad claims that he was 91 years old at the time of death. He was a hard-core Ahmadi, he felt that all the successes of his life were attributed to the prayers of his parents and their dedication to Ahmadiyya, which is a farce.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His paternal grandmother

She breast-fed Muhammad Zafullah Khan back in 1893–1895. Thus, per islamic law, Zafrullah Khan was his uncle (24:52 mark).

He is born.

Because of his father, he was allowed to join the Army very easily. This is a extreme nepotism. He sees action during WW-2 on the Burma front. He must have been in the Ahmady Company.


He gets married. Mirza Bashir Ahmad, Mirza Sharif are at the wedding, the famous Maulvi Sarwar Shah read the Nikah ceremony. He also signs up for Wasiyyat.

He joins the Pakistani Army.

He is given an official position as in-charge of literature for the ahmadiyya Jamaat of Lahore. he works this job simultaneously as he works in the Pakistani Army as a Colonel, he held this job in the jamaat until 1987.

He becomes a General. He worked in Sialkot.

He was transferred to Quetta. The only Pakistani General to be injured in Active War Duty. He was shot in the knee in the war of 1971 in the Rajhastan region where he was deployed. He was shot in the leg, which remained there, doctors could not remove it, he lived with extreme pain the rest of his life.

At barely aged 55, he retires, it seems to be a forced removal by Bhutto.

He continues working for the Jamaat at the Model Town Ahmadiyya mosque as a volunteer. He worked as Islah-Ishaat, which means in-charge of newspapers and other literature. He worked closely under another Ahmadi officer, Major Abdul Latif, who was the Assistant-President of the Lahore jamaat, model-town. He regularly attended Fajr and Maghrib salaat. He also went to Baitul-Zikr, which is another Ahmadi place of worship in Lahore.

He works as the President of the Jamaat for Model Town.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The famous Ahmadi Generals

The first ever Ahmadi General was General Nazir Ahmad (1947), he was mentioned in the famous list of 199 Ahmadi officers that was presented to the boundary commission in 1947. Colonel Mirza Daud Ahmad was also mentioned in the list, he is a grandson of MGA. After him came General Abdul Ali Malik and General Akhtar Hussain Malik (these 2 are brothers), Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry, Major General Iftikhar Janjua, Major General Ijaz Amjad, Brigadier General Ijaz Ahmad Khan, Brigadier General Waqiuz Zaman, the Lahori-Ahmadi Major General Abdul Saeed Khan, and we are still adding to the list. There were also those were super trusted by the colonist back in 1947, they were Major Malik Habib-ullah (who died at the age of a 100) (from Dhulmial), Captain Nizam ud Din (he was the father of Brigadier General Mohammad Iqbal Khan) and Captain Umar Hayat (father of Commander Yousaf), Major-General Nasir Ahmad Chaudhry is another. In terms of Medical Doctors, Dr. Major Shah Nawaz, Commander Dr. Abdul Latif (ww-2 era) were some of the first. During Zia’s era, Lt-Gen Mahmood-ul-Hassan and his protege Major General Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan Noori who was probably the last Qadiani to make it to the rank of General.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Famous Ahmadi officer’s who almost made General

Major Syed Maqbool Ahmad was a colleague of Zia and one of the founders of ISI.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Nasir Ahmad Faruqi (a Lahori-Ahmadi)

He was the principal secretary for Ayub Khan from 1959 to 1969 as well as Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan for the 1965 election, which was totally rigged. The elections in Pakistan were under his control in 1970 also.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Links and Relates Essays

Major General (r) Nasir Ahmad Chaudhary shaheed, Lahore Pakistan (28 May 2010)

Major General Nazir Ahmad was also an Ahmadi


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