Ahmadi’s who are born in the USA are leaving Ahmadiyya at an alarming rate. Without the persecution-card, Ahmadiyya is dead! The persecution is self-generated anyways. Nevertheless, in the concluding speech at the 2019 USA-Jalsa, the younger brother of the Khalifa, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad explains how Ahmadi’s have given up on the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in the USA. Read our reddit forum posting herein. It should be noted that Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad was only made in-charge of the USA jamaat since he is the brother of the Khalifa, not based on any merit. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad doesn’t think that any Ahmadi’s in the USA are sacrificing their wealth, he seems to spit on Ahmadi’s who think they are sacrificing. He lies and claims that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad invented the Chanda that Ahmadi’s are having to pay in 2020, however, that is a lie, MGA never invented Chanda-Aam, MGA invented Wasiyyat, which is 10% and totally optional.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Some highlights from this speech

—-only 30% of Ahmadi’s in the USA are praying 5 times per day alone, the stats for congregational prayers would be roughly 5%.
—-Lajna is also similar
—33% of earning members of the USA jamaat are paying 84% of all the Chanda collected in the USA, the majority (67%) aren’t paying much.
—Wasiyyat is down 1% from 2018 to 2019, in 2004, Mirza Masroor Ahmad wanted more and more Ahmadi’s to join Wasiyyat, he wanted 50% of Ahmadi’s in the whole world to become regular contributors at 10%, however, this never happened, the USA-jamaat has 29% of its members giving at least 10%, in fact, it has dropped a fraction of a point.
—He claims that Ahmadi’s in the USA love MONEY for than Ahmadiyya
—Ahmadi youth in the USA is increasingly tasting alcohol, and drugs
—Ahmadi girls are taking off their Hijaab’s at an alarming rate
—Ahmadi boys are marrying non-Ahmadi girls at an alarming rate, and fake converting them to Ahmadiyya
—Ahmadi girls are sitting at home, single and unemployed
—The divorce rate in American-Ahmadis is at 22%, and desi parents (Ahmadi’s) keep being intolerant towards their daughter-in-laws.
—The grandsons/granddaughters and great grandsons/granddaughters of Ahmadi pioneers are walking away from Ahmadiyya at an alarming rate
—Ahmadi’s keep fighting amongst each other on trivial matters
—Educated Ahmadi kids don’t care about Ahmadiyya

“Ahmadi youth is increasingly drinking alcohol and experimenting with drugs”(13:56).

“Hijab is going down at a faster rate than nasiratt joining lajna” (14:24).

“A chilling fact, how many boys are marrying outside to non-ahmadis, and our daughters are sitting home, waiting… and waiting”(14:55).

“Our grandparents and great grandparents converted and sacraficed so much for ahmadiyya, they would never imagine that 3 generations their ancestors are walking away” (16:36).

“Our participation is so low 50-60% of ahmadis don’t pray.” (18:38)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The data

If you go 10:50 into US Jamaat president’s Jalsa 2019 speech he’ll say that those who don’t pay chanda will be kicked out of the jamaat. I feel like this is a quality of a cult, the whole “pay us or you’re being banished” mentality really shows that. It’s also important to mention that at least in my local jamaat chanda seems to be what is talked about 70% of the time, which gives off bad vibes.

Also, about two months ago during a jummah i went to (still in high school, my parents make me go) it was announced that a young woman who was a member of our local Jamaat had been kicked out because she had married a non ahmadi. Again, cultish. “If you marry someone who isn’t one of us you’re banished.” Also, in the same speech at 14:50 the US President shames ahmadi boys who marry non ahmadis.

I’m in this period in my life where i’m coming to terms with the fact that I grew up in a community like Ahmadiyya, a cult like culture that played a big role in my childhood. These two factors are only two of many things wrong with the jamaat that I feel like I was in a way brainwashed into overlooking.

“”O Well to do people of Islam! I convey to you the message that you should assist this
Institution of reform, which has been established by Allah Almighty, with all your heart,
attention and sincerity. You must consider all the aspects of this institution with reverence and do quickly whatever you can do to help it. Whoever wishes to offer an amount each month,
according to his means, should make it binding upon himself like a debt, and make his
payment each month without fail. He should take this duty purely as an obligation to Allah,
and should not be late or slow in its payment. He who wishes to pay all at once can do so,
but remember that the true method which will ensure the continuous progress of this
movement is that people, who truly care about the faith, should make it binding upon
themselves to pay a certain amount each month which they can give with ease and
regularity, unless they are faced with unexpected circumstances. Of course, whoever has the
means and the resources to give something, apart from his monthly pledge, is welcome to do so.”

“O you my dear ones, my loved ones, the evergreen branches of the tree of my being! O ye who
have, by the grace of the Almighty which is upon you, entered into Ba‘iat of allegiance with me!
O ye who sacrifice your lives, your comfort and your wealth in this cause! I know that you
consider it an honour to accept whatever I say, and will not hesitate as far as it is in your power,
but I cannot make compulsory for you with my own tongue the service you have to offer, so
that your services should be out of your own pleasure and not as an obligation from me….”
(Fath-e-Islam, Ruhani Khazai, Volume 3, p. 33-34)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 1905, MGA said:
(Al-Hakm, March 21, 1905)

“This money was given to me by God. I shall not return it to anyone – not even a penny, as I am not accountable to anyone. Anyone who asks me to render account should not give me anything in the future.”
MGA also said

“It is the duty of all my followers to remit some amount out of their earnings. After this announcement, we shall wait for three months. We shall remove from the list of devotees the name of anyone who does not remit a portion of his earnings during these three months.”
1936, the 2nd Khalifa said:

—-“I am not a merchant to keep accounts with me nor am I a treasurer of the community to be asked to render account. I am God’s vicegerent on earth. It is not proper to ask me where I spent the money. Those are truly the believers who gift me their money and afterwards do not question me. It is all the same whether they understand or not. They understand that an objection of this sort will result in the bankruptcy of their faith.”
(Published in Al-Fadl, Sept. 19, 1936)

—-“The ‘Heavenly Graveyard’ is such a central point of this movement and an institution or department of such dimensions that it excels in importance all other departments.”
(Al-Fadl, Vol. 24, No. 65, Sept. 15, 1936)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1938, the Khalifa said:

“Once a man from Luhdiana said that we sent donations to Qadian after bearing hardships and misfortunes. These amounts are spent on ornaments and dresses of the wife of Ghulam Ahmad. So what is the use of these donations? When this news reached his holiness, the Promised Messiah, he said it is unlawful for him to send anything to us after what he has said. Then, we shall see what harm it does to us.”
(Al-Fadl, August 31, 1938)
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