In October of 1903, MGA’s book “Tadhkiratush-Shahadatain” was published, in this book, MGA made his famous #300yearprophecy. This is where MGA told #Ahmadis not to worry about their growth, and to wait 300 years for the victory of Ahmadiyya. In 1984, an english translation was published from London, this same english translation is on in 2020. Mr. Muhammad Akram Khan Ghauri did the english translation, and it should be noted that in the original text of the book there are three articles in Arabic appended to the original Urdu text. The translations of these articles are not included in this rendering (see the foreward). In October and November of 1903, in the english ROR, the exact same prophecy was repeated, i.e. how Ahmadiyya would dominate the world in 300 years. The same book seems to have been published in the english ROR.

In the ROR of Dec-1933, the 2nd Khalifa tells the world that Ahmadiyya must continue grow. It cannot decline.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________See, english-ROR-November of 1903, page 456

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