Ahmadi’s are always quick to jest at Muslims when we die of calamities. MGA started all of this during the plague in British India. MGA claimed that the plague would kill off non-Ahmadi’s and Ahmadi’s would keep increasing until they become he majority in the world in 300 years. However, the plague hit Qadian and many Ahmadi’s died. MGA also claimed that non-Ahmadi’s would die via earthquakes and quoted the Bible heavily as he argued that the time of the Messiah would be filled with people dying of mass calamities of many sorts.

Some additional data

Al -Hakam tells us

2 October 1947: The situation in Qadian after the partition of the Indian subcontinent continued to intensify to such an extent that Qadian was deemed too dangerous to live in. The Darwesh staying in Qadian to protect its sacred places were not permitted to use flour mills. For many days, they survived on boiled wheat. The police had also seized buildings of the Degree College and Fazl-e-Umar Research Institute. A bomb was thrown in the premises of Masjid Aqsa, which injured a youth badly. Government officials had already taken control of the residence of Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra situated in Dar-ul-Hamd.

It is reported that on this date, Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra directed concerned Jamaat officials in Lahore to arrange daily physical exercise for the workers of Jamaat offices. Hazrat Mirza Mansoor Ahmad was assigned to supervise these exercises.

3 October 1947: Thousands of criminals, backed by the police force, attacked Qadian and tried to march towards the heart of the town. Ahmadi youth assigned to safeguard Qadian showed great courage and bravery.

10 October 1947: Another sad incident of a hand grenade thrown into the premises of Masjid Aqsa took place. In reality, the morale of those attacking Qadian was dropping every hour, due to the strong resistance and extraordinary bravery of Ahmadi youth who were protecting sacred places of Qadian.
Qadiani-Ahmadi’s from Pakistan were asking for Qadian to be declared as a Refugee center

This is from October of 1947



Dr. Sharif Khan tells us: 
See page 9

“”””In an office order issued on 30th June, 1947, Talim-ul-Islam College was notified by
the principal to remain close for summer recess from 1st July to 27th September, 1947.
Meanwhile partition of the subcontinent, into India and Pakistan, as two sovereign states,
took place on 14th August 1947. So that 30th June, 1947, proved to be the last working
day of the college in Qadian.

Most of the college officials and students migrated to Pakistan, however, few were
directed to stay back, to help protect college equipment from looting and destruction by
the refugees that were pouring into Qadian from surrounding areas. They were also to
supervise safe evacuation process and migration of women and children to Pakistan.
Muhammad Munir Khan Shami, a Talim-ul-Islam College B.Sc. student, who was at
guard duty was martyred by a band of Sikh looters“””

The list 

Sep 02, 1947 Jamadar Mohammad Ashraf Sahib Qadian India
Sep 06, 1947 Mian Ilm-ud-din Sahib Qadian India
Sep 19, 1947 Syed Mahboob Alam Bihari Sahib Qadian India
Oct 04, 1947 Sultan Alam Sahib Qadian India
Oct 14, 1947 Mirza Ahmad Shafi Sahib Qadian India
Oct 14, 1947 Faiz Mohammad Sahib Qadian India
Oct 14, 1947 Zohra Bibi Sahiba Qadian India
Oct 14, 1947 A four year old girl Qadian India
1947 Abdul Jabbar Sahib Qadian India
1947 Malik Hameed Ali Sahib Qadian India
1947 Master Abdul Azeez Sahib Qadian India
1947 Mohammad Ramzan Sahib Qadian India
1947 Alam Bibi Sahiba Qadian India
1947 Chiragh Din Sahib Qadian India
1947 Jan Bibi Sahiba Qadian India
1947 Munawwar Ahmad Sahib Qadian India
1947 Niaz Ali Sahib Qadian India
1947 Abdul Majeed Khan Sahib Qadian India
1947 Badar Din Sahib Qadian India
1947 Gulab Bibi Sahiba Qadian India
1947 Mohammad Ismail Sahib Qadian India
1947 Abdul Rehman Sahib Qadian India
1947 Chaudhry Faqeer Mohammad Sahib Qadian India
1947 Mohammad Muneer Shami Sahib Qadian India
1947 Hameeda Begum Sahiba w/o Abdus Salam Pundit Sahib Qadian India
1947 Azeem Ahmad s/o Pundit Abdullah Sahib Qadian India


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