We have covered the Ahmadi generals, as well as other Ahmadi’s working in the bureaucracy. He did an interview on MTA-Pakistan here about 20 years ago. They wrote his name as High Court Justice Muhammad Islam Bhatti. He graduated from the Taleem ul Islam College at Rabwah. He was born in December of 1936, about 34-35 kilometers north-west of Qadian, at a village called Sarchur. Sarchur is a village in Batala in Gurdaspur district of Punjab State, India. He claims that MGA had companions in this village from the earliest times. His paternal grand-father had heard of MGA passing through Batala, he ran to stop the carriage of MGA and succeeded. MGA then prayed for the grandfather of Muhammad Islam Bhatti. His maternal grand-father had also joined Ahmadiyya, both of his grandfathers were brothers. His maternal grandfather had a disease in his foot, he decided to go to Qadian on the score that if the first Khalifa, Molvi Noorudin cured him, he would become Ahmadi. And it seems to have worked. This was in 1910. Thus, his parents were born Ahmadi. His mother was specifically a fanatical Ahmadi, she would buy all the books from Qadian immediately, and many of her children died in infancy, thus, she was very supersticious. His maternal uncle was in the Indian Army.

At age 11, he moves to Pakistan during partition. He was in a caravan from Qadian to Rattan Bagh, Lahore, with an escort from military from Balochistan.

He seems to have enrolled in the Talim ul Islam College at Chiniot and later Rabwah. Mirza Nasir Ahmad guided his career and told him that they didn’t need Ahmadi’s in the medical field, they needed Ahmadi’s to infiltratethe courts and Bureaucracy of Pakistan and thus, he began to work as such.

He becomes a lawyer. He worked in Lahore and Faisalabad as a common lawyer.

He becomes a Judge, in the West Pakistan Provincial Civil Service, he becomes a sub-judge. He seems to have been stations in the NWFP, which is close to the Afghani border in the north west of Pakistan. He worked as a customs judge also and worked cases wherein people were arrested for smuggling.

He was working as a Senior Civil Judge in Sargodha. Uptil April 1971.

He was a sessions judge in Gujrat.

He seems to have been involved in the case against Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi. He refused to cooperate with Bhutto and see the case properly, he was immediately transferred.

After working as a judge in Pakistan for 28 years, his name is forwarded to Zia ul Haq for consideration to become a High Court Chief Justice (at the 14:38 mark). He was then questioned about his faith, the current Chief Justice asked if he was an Ahmadi, wherein Muhammad Islam Bhatti confirmed it. Zia had ordered that no Ahmadi should be promoted to Chief Court Justice, and thus, he was overlooked, per his own story however. His children all moved to America in this year also (at the 17:45 mark). Muhammad Islam Bhatti didn’t leave Pakistan since he was the highest ranking session judge in all of Pakistan, per his own admission. Nevertheless, he kept working bank cases, or in the banking industry as the top judge. However, he was the only banking judge in all of the Punjab. He was also accused of doing tabligh in his court rooms or in his court offices.

Benazir Bhutto wants to make him a High Court Judge. He refuses since he would have to be a non-Muslim Judge. He proudly called himself a Qadiani-Ahmadi in those days.

He meets Benazir Bhutto and she makes him a High Court Judge (35:30 mark).

It is indeed a very good news that due to untiring efforts of Irfan Mahmood Barq, an ex ahmadi and currently a Khatm e Nabuwwat Muballigh, more than 80 ahmadis of village Chak No.109 Nai Abadi Workshop District Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan, have reverted to Islam during last few days. This village is known to be a native village of a die hard Qadiani Retired Judge Islam Bhatti.

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