An interesting story, in 1892, MGA visited lahore and was accompanied by Molana Nooruddin  in HIRA MUNDI (Red Zone of prostitution). “Appp MAHBOOB RIYOUN kyyy MAKAN waqia hirra mundiii mhyeeiin mouqeem thay “. He spent a few nights at the house of Mahboob Riyoun, which was situated in the worst neighborhood of Lahore, it is unclear whether Mahboob Riyoun was an Ahmadi or not. MGA seems to have been there a few weeks, the end of January and the beginning of February, he also had his written debate with Maulvi Abdul Hakim Kalanori.  

Who reported this story?
Dr. Mirza Yaqub Beg reports the story. At the time (1892) his age was 18 or 19, he as a medical student, in his second year. This was his first introduction to MGA. He was the doctor who received Lekh Ram when he was stabbed (1897), and treated him to no avail in the emergency room of the Mayo hospital, it is highly likely that Dr. Mirza Yaqub Beg murdered Lekh Ram himself. Nevertheless, he secretly reported the entire story to MGA in 1897.

The story by Mirza Yacub Beg
The narrator says when he reached at that house in Heera Mandi where Mirza and Nuruddin were staying, he extended his hand for shaking hand with Molvi sb, Molvi sb said it would not give joy come on have a hug. So he hugged molvi nuruddin and said after this hugging he felt a special kind of joy in his chest. Like we in punjabi say THAND PE GAI AYE SUAD AGAYA J.

Where and when was this reported?
Book title is YAD E RAFTAGAN YANI TAZKIRA ANSAR E AHMADIYYAH.VOL-1 published by Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat e Islam Lahore (Lahori-Ahmadi’s). Dr. Yaqub Baig wrote this article in Paigham e Suleh in 1923. This means the book was published some time after 1923.Mujadid e Azim covers this story also
“””In January 1892, Hazrat Mirza went to Lahore and stayed in the house of “Mahboob Rayun” located in Hira Mandi. On January 31, 1892, he addressed a public meeting at the residence of Babu Miran Bux. The audience at this meeting was huge and an estimate of the attendees ran well over ten thousand. Hazrat Mirza’s address focused on presenting evidence in support of his claims. Lahore had its share of Hazrat Mirza’s opponents, but the situation in the meetings here never deteriorated into the chaotic uncivilized behavior witnessed in Delhi. However, one unfortunate incident did take place. A person, who claimed that he was the Mahdi, grabbed Hazrat Mirza as he was passing through the Bazaar and dragged him for some distance, all the while shouting: “How have you become the Mahdi? I am the Mahdi.” Sheikh Rahmatullah, who was accompanying Hazrat Mirza, was incensed and made ready to beat the assailant, but Hazrat Mirza stopped him, and the man was let off without a reprimand. According to Maulana Nur-ud-Din, the assailant died a natural death not long after this incident.

“””Dard’s version of the story
“””In January 1892, Ahmadas visited Lahore, where on the 31st of that month, he delivered a discourse at 1-30 p.m. in Chooni Mandi at the bunglow of Munshi Miran Bakhsh. In this speech, Ahmadas refuted all accusations of the mullahs regarding his supposed ‘blasphemies’. He cleared himself of all suspicions and calumnies. A notice of this speech was issued on January 28th which was printed at the Mustafa’i Press, Lahore. After that Abdul Hakim of Kalanaur held a discussion—exchange of written papers—with Ahmadas at Lahore which was concluded on February 3rd, 1892. He really wanted to ensnare Ahmadas and to convict him of ignorance or of error and shake his credit with the multitude. But he failed utterly.””””


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