This was a newspaper started by the famous Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi in 1878. Upal quotes Vol. 3 of it which corresponds to 1881. It was the main newspaper of the Ahl-e-hadith aka Wahabbi’s of the Punjab. Furthermore, MGA was heavily involved with the Ahl-e-Hadith, in fact, they helped him get married in 1884 and performed all the islamic rituals. This newspaper seems to have went defunct by 1900, since there are no quotes to it after Vol. 22, which would correspond to 1900. The Ahl-e-Hadith then seem to have started another newspaper entitled, as ‘Ahl-i-Hadis. In fact, much of the beef between Maulvi Sanuallah and MGA seems to have began at this moment. Furthermore, it is important to note that Batalvi was not even allowed to insult MGA legally, hence, he never did after the court case of 1899.

As everyone knows, this was the famous “Ahl-e-Hadith” newspaper that made MGA popular and gave him an opportunity to do free marketing. In February of 1878 he started publishing the magazine Isha‘atus Sunnah. It was a voice of the Ahle Hadith movement in the Punjab of the time. The magazine became quite popular and was recognized by notable scholars and Government Officials. When Sir Charles Umpherston Aitchison, Governor of the Punjab from 1882-1887,[7] left the area in April 1887, he gave Muhammad Hussain, a certificate testifying to his ability and learning. Muhammad Hussain proudly records this fact.[8]

I present some interesting quotes in the below. Muhammad Husain’s request for a Mubahila vs. MGA may be seen in his lsha‘atus-Sunnah No. 3, Vol. 18, p. 77, 1. 11: No. 12, Vol. 14, pp. 338-339; No. 7, Vol. 18, p. 197, 11. 6-8.

Isha‘atus-Sunnah No. 4. Vol. 2, pages 3 and 4.

Ahmadiyya sources claim that Batalvi published a notice in his magazine which indicated that Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol. 1 was published (see Dard, page 90). 

‘”””It is not permissible for the Muslims to fight, or to help with men and money those who fight, against a Government of whatever religion, whether Jewish, Christian, or other, under whom they live in security and are free to discharge their religious obligations, Accordingly, for the Muslims of India, Opposition to or rebellion against the British Government is forbidden.’”””” (Ishaatus Sunna, Vol. VI, No. 10)(see also, B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).

“”””Brethren, this is no longer the time of the sword. It has now become necessary to use the pen in place of the sword.””” (Ishaatus Sunnah, Vol. VI, No.12)(see also, B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).

“””‘In our opinion, from the point of view of the modern age, this book stands unique in the
history of Islam. No book has ever been published like it in the past, and we cannot say
anything about the future, which is known only to God. The perseverance of the author in the
service of Islam, through his life, his energy, pen, tongue, and every form of activity is almost unprecedented amongst Muslims. This should not be taken as Asiatic exaggeration. We
challenge anyone to show us the like of this book.'”””” (Isha‘atus-Sunnah. vol. 6, Nos. 6-11).

“Some of our Muslim brothers believe that the present misfortunes of the followers of Islam cannot be removed without the sword. It is no use acquiring worldly education. However, looking at the present condition of the Muslims, this belief appears improbable.”
“Brethren! the age of the sword is no more. Now instead of the sword it is necessary to wield the pen. How can the sword come into the hands of the Muslims when they have no hands. They have no national identity or existence. In such a useless and weak condition, to consider them as a nation is to exceed the imagination of Shaikh Chilli (a proverbial, comical figure in Urdu fiction).” (Isha’at-as-Sunnah, vol. 6, no. 12, December 1884, p. 364).

See Upal(2017), page 125 and onward

“””In our opinion, it is in this time and in the present circumstances, a book the like of which has not been written up to this time in Islam, and nothing can be said about the future; Allah may bring about another affair after this. Its author, too, has proved himself firm in helping the cause of Islam, with his property, his person, his pen, his tongue and his personal religious experience, to such an extent that it is rarely seen among Muslims who have gone before. If someone thinks that my words are Asian exaggeration then show me at least one such book that confronts opponents of Islam especially the Arya Samaj with such gusto and enthusiasm. And point out such supporters of Islam who have taken upon themselves to help the cause of Islam with their property, their person, their treasure, their pen, and their tongue. And who has successfully challenged, with all his manly courage, opponents of Islam and deniers of revelation that if they doubt divine revelation to visit him and experience, observe and taste it. (Batalavi, 1884: 169-170).”””

“””Perhaps some of our critics will place me in the same category as the author of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and slap the fatwa of kufr on me as well. They may say that I have raised the author of Braheen to the level of prophet Muhammad and I have declared his revelations to be innocent similar to the revelations of the Prophet but I am not afraid of their fatwa of kufr… (Batalavi, 1884: 284)”””

“””What does he [Mirza Ghulam Ahmad] conclude from his revelations and miracles? Does he use them to prove his prophethood or the prophethood of Muhammad? What religion does he invite people (including many top padres, pundits, Brahmo Arya rajas, and sardars of other religions) with such bravery and boldness? Is it the Islamic religion or Ahmadi religion or Mirzai religion? Unless you are a person whose heart has been darkened with prejudice, these arguments and reasoning would have convinced you that he absolutely makes no claim whatsoever to his own prophethood [emphasis in the original]. The true purpose of all of each and every one of his claims is the proof of prophethood of Muhammad. (Batalavi, 1884: 278-279).

“”””He also declared that the rebellion of 1857 was not Jihad under the Islamic law but was a faithless proceeding involving a breach of covenant and disorder and rancor and that participation in it or any assistance rendered towards it was sinful.”””” (Ishaatus Sunnah, Vol. VI, No. 10)(see also, B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).

“In our opinion, in this age and in view of the present circumstances, this is such a book that the like of it has not been written up to this time in Islam. … Its author … has proved himself firm in helping the cause of Islam, with his property, with his pen and tongue and his personal religious experience, to such an extent that an example of it is rarely met with among the Muslims who have gone before … who, besides helping Islam … have also come forward with
their religious experiences and have proclaimed, as against the opponents of Islam and the deniers of revelation, the manly challenge that whoever doubted the truth of
revelation might come … and witness the truth thereof and who have made non-Muslims taste of the same” (Isha‘atus-Sunnah, vol. 7, June-Nov., 1885, Batala, India)(See also Lahori-Ahmadi website and this book, page 10:

Batalvi wrote about MGA as follows: that I (MGA) lead a highly pure and virtuous life, love truth and am one of the most ardent well wishers of the British Government.
(Isha’at us Sunnah, No. 9, Vol. 7).

“”””The author of this book has proved his devotion to Islam by such help with money, life, pen, tongue, conduct and writings, the like of which has seldom been found among the Muslims… The author belongs to our neighborhood and in our early life when we were studying Qutbi and Sharah Mulla, he was our class-fellow. Ever since then we have been continuously in touch with each other through correspondence and meetings. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to affirm that we are intimately acquainted with his circumstances and ideas… The author of Braheen Amadiyya has upheld the honor of the Muslims.””” (Ishaatus Sunnah, Vol. VII)(see also, B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).

“””At this time all the conditions of Jihad are nonexistent. Therefore, in India, from Calcutta to Peshawar, and from Sindh to the Deccan, no one is at liberty to carry on jihad against the British Government.”””” (Ishaatus Sunnah, Vol. IX, No. I)(see also, B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).

Maulawi Muhammad Husain devoted about 14 pages of his paper to this book and instead of reviewing it he gave quotations which he said spoke for themselves. He asked every Muslim to buy ten or twenty copies of the book for distribution amongst the Hindus so that the hostile activities of the Arya Samaj against Islam might be checked. MGA’s book was Surmah Chashma Arya. (Isha‘atus-Sunnah Vol. 9, No. 5 and No. 6, pp. 145-158)(See Hidden Treasures).

See Hidden Treasures, pages 23-24.

“””The author of the Barahin-e-Ahmadiyyah is well-known to us. In fact, few know more about his thoughts, aspirations and circumstances etc. than we do. He belongs to our district, and when
young, attended the same course and the same instruction with us. Since those days we have corresponded, communicated and conferred with him regularly. Nobody, therefore, should take it an exaggeration if we say that we know the author and his circumstances rather well.””” Volume 11, No. 6, pages 6-11.

“Isha’at al-Sunnah 12 (1889): 353-388;

Maulawi Muhammad Husain of Batala, a great friend of MGA, was also much perturbed. Fath-e-Islam was being printed at the Riaz-e-Hind Press, Amritsar, he happened to go there and saw the proofs of it. He wrote a letter on January 31st, 1891, asking whether MGA had really claimed to be the Promised Messiah.  Ahmadas thought it sufficient to write only ‘Yes’
in answer. Muhammad Husain had asked him to say Yes or No.  (Isha‘atus Sunnah, Vol. 12, No. 12). (see Dard)

13(1890): 1-100, under the titles, “A Discourse with the imaginary Messiah Mirza of Qadiyan”  (Khayali masih Mirza Qadiyani se guft o gu) and “A discourse with the fictitious apostle” (farazi hawari se guft o gu).  An account of the debate itself was published in the same journal, 13(1890): 115–326.”

Batalvi and MGA go back and forth on his claims. 
(Isha‘atus Sunnah, No. 1, Vol. 13).

Batalvi says that since it was he who had thus raised him (MGA) in the eyes of the masses, so now he was under obligation to bring Ahmad down for his fresh claims.  Isha’at-us-Sunnah, Vol-13, No.1, page. 4.

March 1891
“Dear readers it is 30th April 1892 today , three days have passed after the expiry of 40 days time line. I am flourishing and am better than Mirza in health, wealth and in children. Maybe Mirza would justify his failed prophesy by telling his Mureeds that It was meant a metaphoric AZAB would fall on me on qayamah or he could say look Batalvi felt great distress during fasting or see Batalvi’s son has suffered from cold and cough and in this way my prophesy has fulfilled with extreme grace.”” (Vol. 13, No. 3).

Fatwa of the scholars of India and Arabia and Fatwa by ‘ulama of Ludhiana, published in Isha‘atus-Sunnah, vol. 13, no.6–7 /Pak-o-Hind kay ‘Ulama’-e-Islam Ka Awwalin Muttafiqqah Fatwa, by Muhammad Husain Batalawi, Darud-Da‘watis-Salafiyyah, Lahore 1986

Click to access Commentary-of-Al-Qasida.pdf

“””Mirza Qadiani is one of the thirty Dajjals mentioned in the hadith, his followers are the children of Dajjal. Muslims must stay away from this type of Dajjal and must not join them in performing any religious matters as they normally would with other Muslims. Muslims should not sit with him nor accept his invitation, should not say prayers behind him, and must not perform his funeral prayer… He and people like him are thieves of religion. They are from Dajjal, they are liars, they are accursed, they are satans… There is no doubt that this Qadiani is a nonbeliever and an apostate… He is a very big Dajjal and is out of the pale of Islam, and is an infidel and is of bad character…, has the lowest morals and is an enemy of God… Any person who doubts in his being on the wrong path is just as wrong himself and is himself a Kafir rather Akfar [the greatest disbeliever]… He is worse than the Satan that is playing with him and he must not be allowed to be buried in a Muslim cemetery… He is an enemy of the prophets and God is his enemy… Any person who has the same beliefs as of Qadiani is an outcast. Mirza Qadiani is a Dajjal and actually, the leader of Dajjals. Their women’s marriages have been nullified and anyone is free to marry them.”””
(Ishaatussannah Volume-14 , publication Year 1891, pages 2 onwards:)

in July 1891 Mirza Ghulam Qadiani had a debate with Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi at Ludhiana and ran away from there on 31 July. After being humiliated at Ludhiana, Mirza in his Ishtihar dated Ist August 1891, invited Batalvi sb to have debate with him at Lahore. Batalvi sb replied that he is ready to debate with him at Lahore Peshawar or Qadian. Mirza sb backed out.

He then planned to try his luck at Dehli. He reached Dehli in October, 1891, where he published an Ishtihar challenging Molvi Syed Nazir Hussain for a debate he also put the name of Molvi Abdul Haq in his Ishtihar. Mirza Qadiani thought Molvi Nazir and Abdul Haq, due to their old age, would not come to face him and Molana Batalvi would also be far away from Dehli so he would get a “walk over.”

What happened was that Molvi Abdul Haq accepted the challenge and Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi (ever chasing MGQ), also reached Dehli. Before the arrival of Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, Mirza Qadiani had negotiated the debate on the following un reasonable terms and conditions:-

a.)Special permission of Deputy Commissioner should be issued in his name.
b.)A European officer should be ever present in the gathering.
c.) Debators should write with their hands and read over to public no munshi or Scribe is permitted.

But when Muhammad Hussain Batalvi reached Dehli, Mirza Qadiani went to Molana Abdul Haq and said your name was mentioned in the debate erroneously . He said I do not want to debate with you. Molvi Abdul Haq said he is ready to withdraw if you publish an ishtihar to this effect. So Mirza sb issued an Ishtihar on 6th of October saying that he do not want to debate with Molvi Abdul haq because he had met him and found him a monk like person. He do not like to interact with govt officials hence he would debate only with Nazir Hussain who may keep Muhammad Hussain Batalvi with him for assistance during debate.

This trick, however failed when Molvi Abdul Haq replied in a published Ishtihar that he can arrange anything and invited Mirza sb to come to the Town Hall on 11th October for this debate otherwise he would be termed as liar. Mean time Muhammad Hussain Batalvi published Ishtihar inviting Mirza sb to have debate with him if he loses than Mirza sb may debate with Molvi Nazir Hussain. He requested him to come to the Chandni Mahal on 11th Oct, 1891 at 9.AM. The ishtihar further states that all terms and conditions laid by you are acceptable and we do not lay any terms and condition from our side. All arrangements have been finalised with the expenditures of hand sum amount.

Mirza sb replied that he hates to debate with Molvi Muhammad Hussain and would have it with Molvi Nazir Hussain only. This refusal was accepted by Molvi Nazir Hussain and Mirza sb was informed that his challenge to Debate with Molvi Nazir Hussain, has been accepted and he must come to Chandni Mahal on 11th Oct. However Mirza sb breached this agreement on the pretext of law and order situation and wrote a letter to defer this debate till Ghulam Qadir would inform Deputy Commissioner.

On 5th October, Molvi Nazir Hussain wrote to Mirza to come to his house and talk to him directly to remove his apprehensions, still Mirza sb refused and said there should be a European officer in the debate. After that 14 letters were sent to Mirza sb for debate from Ulema of Dehli inviting Mirza sb but he refused to all.

One of them was Molvi Abdul Majeed who invited Mirza sb and offered a reward money of Rs 1000/-in case Mirza prove his claims.Molvi Rahim Bakhsh invited Mirza, Molvi Mujaddid Ali Khan too invited Mirza sb for debate on 10th Oct at Masjid Fatehpuri , Molvi Abdul Hamid invited Mirza sb to come to the roof top of his house and he would be at his roof top, there would be Bazar between two and no risk of life would be there, but Mirza sb did not agree and dared not to come out of his heavily guarded house.

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani,s escape from debate of Chandni Mahal brought great humiliations to him. So he thought of washing of this defamation. He brought another Ishtihar dated 17 Oct 1891 wherein he used abusive language against Molvi Nazir Hussain and challenged to declare him liar in his claims and in his arguments under oath in open before general public. Molvi Nazir Hussain went to Jamia Masjid Dehli with general public and sent message to Mirza sb that he is ready to give such statement under oath now come to us in Jamia Masjid and state your claims and arguments before us.

This message was given to Mirza sb through Nawab Saeeduddin Khan of Loharo, Molvi Abdul Majid and Mir Basharat Hussain Kotwal City. Mirza sb refused to this.

After prayer Molvi Abdul Majid, Nawab Saeeduddin Khan and Syed Bashir Hussain Inspector Police went to Mirza sb and asked him to give them in writing that he would repent if Molvi Nazir Hussain rejects his claims and arguments on oath. Mirza sb got puzzled on this demand and remained silent. However, his deputy Mullahs stood up and said we would repent after one month subject to the condition that Molvi Nazir Hussain would not fall ill or suffer from fever and headache during this period.

Subsequently, few questions were asked from Mirza sb through the City Superintendent Sahab Bahdur, as under:-

City Superintendent: why Do you not cut short your arguments and agree to give a written statement.
MGQ and his Side:- we want to talk on the life and death issue of Jesus Pbuh and nothing else.
Molvi Abdul Majid :-We want to settle this issue including all of your claims. Do you have a proof to your claim of Messiah ship.

MGQ and side : same answer.

City Superintendent:- Addressing to Mirza sb, Are you Messiah? If yes what is the proof? Suppose Jesus has died then why should you be considered a Messiah give us a proof?

MGQ. :-Remains silence.

Khwaja Muhammad Yusuf from MGQ side: addressing to Molvi Sahib , Hazrat if someone wants to be muslim why do do you not allow him to be?

Molvi sb. Yes if he repents he is our brother!
Khwaja sb. I can bring his written repentance just now. He would write it down that whatever he wrote against Quraan and Hadis is rejected and he is a muslim.

Mirza sb wrote repentance but in the same language as that of he published in his Ishtihar of 12 October.
Molvi sb. He should write that he seeks repentance from Allah for whatever anti Islam he wrote in Tozihula maram, Fathe Islam and Izala auham.
After few more meaningless exchanges between the parties, the City Superintendent Sahab Bahadur announces to end the proceeding and Mirza sb and his deputy mullahs returned under police escort.


“””‘If you are a man and have any courage, then prove both your claims in an assembly of
learned men—you will not come into the field—I challenge you to a Mubahila. Come out into the field of Mubahila and take an oath”””. (Vol. 14, No. 12 p. 338).

“”Otherwise He [God] would send down the severest punishment upon you and drive you to destruction””” (Isha’at-us-Sunnah, Vol. 15, No. 1, p. 15. and also Vol 18, No. 7, p. 215.)

MGA claims that Batalvi mischievously accuses my wife of adultery and says that it has been revealed to his friend Mullah Muhammad Bakhsh that my wife shall have unlawful connection with my followers and, becoming loose, shall get a divorce from me and marry the said mullah. (Vol. 15, No. 7, p. 215).

Batalvi gives MGA permission to give a death prophecy against him.
(Isha‘atus Sunnah Vol. 15, No. 8. p.170).

Vol. 16, No. 1, p. 6.

“””That the Qadiani is a Dajjal of this time, a second Musailma, perfidious, deceiver, cheat,
liar and impostor, and that he is the enemy of the faith of Islam and all other heavenly faiths.””” 

“”””Mirza Saheb started scolding Hindus and their ladies in volumes of Braheen other literature and advertisements. On page 19 of his book, Shuhna-e-Haq, he writes: ‘ You are not going to give me the hand of your daughters that you are investigating my property’. In his book, Surma Chasme Arya, he mentioned Arya girls in bad language and abused their idols. Moreover he started intimidating Hindus in his Inspirations. Such things made Hindus furious and a source of permanent animosity.”””” (Isha’at us Sunnah vol. 18 p.13-14).

“”And when he (Lekhram) was murdered, and in assigning the cause of his murder the public
differed, the Hindus got an excuse for saying that the above mentioned revelation of the
inspired murderer Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the cause of his murder and they published it as
certain that their representative had been murdered by the Mirza to fullfil his own
revelation. Some Hindus alleged that other Muhammadans were also involved in the conspiracy of murder and wrote that as the Muhammadans had been unsuccessful in the
prosecution of the Pandit so they obtained a fatwa of his murder from the mullahs.””
(Isha‘atus-Sunnah Vol. 18, No. 1, p. 14).

“””To calm the excitement of the Hindus, which has passed due limits, I ask them—and this is a
sure remedy for putting a stop to all disturbances—to give up the certainty that the murderer was a Muhammadan and to think also of the probability of the murderer being a Hindu. The reason for this is that the Hindus had been injured to the same extent by the abuses of the pandit as the Muhammadans and, in the words of the Editor of the Akhbar-e-‘Am who is himself a pandit, Lekhram used to abuse Hindu saints in the same harsh tone as the Muhammadan saints and that therefore an orthodox Hindu or an orthodox Muhammadan may equally be suspected of his murder. There is no reason, therefore that a Muslim be specified for such suspicion. And the private reason of this murder has also been published in newspapers; and the Civil and Military Gazette, which is a neutral paper, remarks that it is possible that after all the murder may only have been a private one.””” (Isha‘atus-Sunnah Vol. 18, No. 1, p. 16).

“””Had we been under Muslim rule, we would have given you (Ahmad) a proper reply. We

would have at once cut off your head with a sword and made you a dead body”””. (Vol. 18, No. 3, p. 95).

MGA claims that Muhammad Hussain charges me with a false accusation and instigates the Ahl-e- Hadith, a sect of which he is the leader, to murder me. He also got it published through some men of his party that carrying away my wife and the wives of my followers forcibly was meritorious. I have got this Ishtihar and request that it may be filed.(Vol. 18, No. 3. p. 95).

“””Have pity on the creatures of God and give up stratagems. Either accept Islam—or prove by means of a controversy or a Mubahala that these articles of faith which you profess do not
lead to Kufr.””””(Vol. 18, No. 3, p. 77 See also Vol. 17, No, 12, p. 384; Vol. 18, No. 4, p. 132).

MGA claims that Muhammad Hussain incites Muslims against me while speaking of the Sultan of Turkey. He writes that I do not regard the Sultan as the rightful Caliph, and religious
leader of the Muslims. Over the Sultan’s rule Muhammad Hussain opposed me and took the
contrary view, while Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan in his paper, dated July 24th, 1897, took my
side and rejected the views of my opponents. (Vol. 18, No. 5, p.143).

“”””Mirza is ready to carry the filth and dirt of the Christians and to rub his face on their shoes.
He has given to the British Government the dignity of God. This donkey of an Antichrist
has published such nonsense regarding His Majesty the Sultan that one has a strong desire
that this Satan of impure mind … should be beaten with shoes two hundred times. Curse on
this offspring of a dog! He should rather have become an open apostate to Christianity than
use contemptuous words for the Sultan. I have made five prophecies about him:

(1) The Qadiani shall be involved in a serious case and shall be banished or charged and thrown into prison.
(2) While in prison, he shall go mad.
(3)  He shall suffer from a fistula.
(4) He shall become a leper and his figure shall be deformed.
(5) His wife shall have unlawful connection with his disciples and, after getting a divorce from him, shall marry me. Maulawi Abu Sa‘id Muhammad Husain will pronounce the marriage sermon.
(6) Eventually the Mirza shall become blind, deaf and dumb and, committing suicide, shall be thrown into hell.””””” (Vol. 18. No. 5, pp. 150, 154,155).

MGA claims that his character was showing the character of the foul and grossly vulgar language used form and the vile attacks made on MGA.
(Vol. 18, No: 5, pp. 154-155).

MGA claims that Batalvi called him a mad elephant, thirsty for the blood of Muslims,
disloyal, traitorous and rebel; again in Vol. 16 p. 116, he calls me a murderer and a
dacoit; and in his fatwa of Takfir, he calls me kafir, heretic, apostate, innovator, Dajjal,
accursed, impostor and deceiver. All these papers are herewith attached.(Vol. 18, pp. 85,
120, 161, 165, 180.).

“””Having expressed many a time my readiness to have a Mubahala with him, I prevented his having recourse to a challenge for Mubahila. I showed the mischief contained in the conditions added by him to a Mubahila—when these machinations of his were broken and he was left helpless he devised another plan which he published in his Ishtihar of May 19th, 1897,
viz. both parties should pray to God without coming into the presence of each other. This
showed clearly that he was unable to have a Mubahila with me in my presence, and that
therefore no one should go to him in Qadian. I accepted this method also.””” (Vol. 18, No. 7, p.

“””Otherwise He would send down the severest punishment upon you and drive you to
destruction”””(Vol. 15, No. 1, p. 15. See also Vol. 18, No. 7, p. 215).

 “””I do not regard the Mirza as the murderer of Lekhram, nor do I believe in his being involved
in the conspiracy of murder.””””(Vol. 18, No. 9, p. 265).
April 1898
See ‘ Isha‘atus Sunnah’ Vol. 20, No. 3

Sir Charles Umpherston Aitchison, Governor of the Punjab from 1882-1887, left the area in April 1887, he gave Muhammad Hussain, a certificate testifying to his ability and learning. Muhammad Hussain proudly records this fact.

September 1900
Isha‘atus Sunnah, Vol. 22 No. 8, pp. 225, 226

Batalvi talks about his children.

Sections of the book

  1. pp 1 33- : Polemical question/answers:
    1. Murder attempts were made on Atham and the author says that since Atham did not go to the police, he was afraid from inside. Muhammad Hussain Batalvi said that since Atham openly declared the attempts to be orchestrated by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the latter should have filed a criminal complaint against him.
    2. People left MGA when he prophecied the death of Atham. MGA responds with saying that Jesus promised to restore the throne of David but did not. He uses very aggressive language but with the caveat that he is talking about the ‘Jesus who claimed to be God and not the Jesus of the Quran’.
    3. In addition to attacking Atham, he attacks Christians in general and says:Sadly this was the first instance to determine the integrity of the Christians but none of them cared for the truth. Even the editor of the Civil and Military Gazette, who claimed to be unbiased and straightforward, told a dirty lie on this occasion. I am not sad about Hasam-ud-Din as these people who join the ranks of the Padres (priests) are usually puppets of lies and insects who feed on filth. They have no natural shame nor fear of God.
    4. Gloating over Atham’s death –See how today the reality of the prophecy has been laid out. Didn’t all of them die today who put Atham on a vehicle and paraded him through the streets of Amritsar? Hasn’t it been proven today that all their happiness was false?
    5. In response to a question from Shuhna Hind paper in Meerath (1 September 1896) about MGA claiming to be a prophet:How can a person who believes in the Quran . . . that I am a prophet or messenger after Muhammad(saw). . . . I have never claimed in real terms to be a prophet or messenger; and using a word in its non-real meaning, and using its dictionary meaning in normal conversation does not obligate ‘kufr’. However, I don’t even like that as there is a chance that common Muslims will be deceived by it. But I cannot hide the conversation of God to me that frequently uses the words of prophet and messenger, as I am an appointed one. I repeatedly say that the word ‘mursal’ (messenger) or ‘rasool’ or ‘nabi’ (prophet) used for me in those revelations is not used in its real sense (common usage) – and the real truth to which I bear solemn witness is that our Prophet Muhammad(saw) is the ‘khatam-ul-anbiyaa’ and no prophet will come after him – old or new. . . . Sometimes, the revelations of God, some words are used about some of His friends (saints) in allegory and similitude, and are not based on fact. The whole quarrel which foolish and biased (people) have dragged in a different direction: the name of the coming promised messiah stated from the blessed tongue of Muhammad(saw) as quoted in Sahih Muslim etc. – i.e. prophet of Allah – is in the spirit of the same accepted allegorical usage in the books of Sufis (reference to ibn Arabi) and a common idiom for communication with God. Otherwise, what prophet after the Khatam-al-Anbiya (Last Prophet).
    6. p.28:
    7. Best way to resolve this is by way of Mubahila (prayer duel) and invites Fateh Maseeh by name.
  2. pp 34-44: A good way for the priests of Punjab and India to solve the issue
    1. Cartoon of Trinity
    2. MGA invites one of the following Christian priests: Dr. Martin ClarkImad-ud-Din, Thakar Das, Hasam-ud-Din, Safdar Ali Bhandara, Thomas Howell, or Fateh Maseeh
    3. Christians eat pigeons with relish although the pigeon is their God (Holy Spirit). Hindus are better as they do not eat their God, the bull.
    4. Offers to gather in a field (Mubahila) and let the wrath of God descend on the person opposite. Offers 10,000 rupees (3,000 advance) in case nothing happens to the opposite person within one year.
  3. Challenge of Mubahila to Muslim scholars
    1. Declares Nazir Hussain of Delhi to be the originator of the declaration of ‘kufr’ against MGA
    2. pp. 51-62 : samples of Arabic revelations from God
    3. My claim is based on two aspects: Quran/Hadith and my revelations. You have not accepted Quran/Hadith, now let us come to the challenge of my revelations. This is how it will work: I will write down all these Arabic revelations on a paper and come to a field and pray God to kill me or send a terminal disease in one year if these revelations are fake, as I do not want to misguide people.
    4. pp. 69-72 and 283: Names of Islamic scholars invited. See Contemporary Muslim Scholars
  4. pp. 73-282: Arabic with Persian translation
  5. pp. 283-284: Arabic rejoinder to the editor of the Civil and Military Gazette
  6. Appendix: Atham and the prophecy (in response to Fateh Maseeh:If any of the prophecies of Jesus, the dead god of Christians, is proven to be equal in weight to this (Atham’s death) prophecy, I will pay any sort of fine. What were the prophecies of that helpless person? Only this that earthquakes and droughts will happen and there will be battles? May God’s curse be on those minds who took these prophecies as evidence of his divinity and made a dead person their god. Don’t earthquakes happen all the time? and droughts occur all the time? Isn’t there some war going on somewhere all the time? Then why did this foolish Israeli (Jesus was of the progeny of the Biblical Israel) term these normal occurrences as prophecies? Only because the Jews were after him? When they asked for a miracle, Jesus replied that these adulterous and promiscuous people ask me for a miracle . . . see how Jesus sidetracked them . . . now someone would have to be adulterous and promiscuous to ask for a miracle . . .
    1. the author then goes on to describe the low moral character of Jesus (lying and relationship with prostitutes and being the offspring of prostitutes, etc.) and then ends by saying, ‘Quran does not mention anything about Jesus’ life’ and had Fateh Maseeh not insulted Muhammad(saw), he would not have insulted Jesus.
    2. pp. 299-301: advertisement about a conference in Town Hall, Lahore, where the author’s paper will be read.
    3. pp. 307-308: Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari has said, after my current call to Mubahila, ‘what happened to your Mubahila with Abdul Haq Ghaznavi?If, by these words, Maulvi Sanaullah means that as the Christians, after the duration of the (Atham) prophecy, made a lot of noise in Amritsar and the unclean group of Christians were dancing in the street like courtesans; and all priests and their like-minded maulvis and some filthy-natured newspapermen were all abusing me and calling me all sorts of things – that all this was the effect of the Abdul Haq mubahila? . . . . so all that show of happiness that the filthy and lewd people had over Atham, the same happiness is now turned to shame and disappointment. Now find him – where is Atham? Is he not in his grave as a result of the prophecy? Has he not been dropped into Hawia (hell)? . . . . the second matter that raised my respect after the said Mubahila (with Abdul Haq) are the pamphlets that I wrote in Arabic . . . (see Plagiarism for a discussion of the author’s Arabic books). . . . the sixth matter that was the cause of my respect and embarrassment for Abdul Haq after the mubahila was that Abdul Haq advertised that he will have a son . . . I have been blessed by a son as prophecied . . . (see elsewhere for MGA’s failed prophecies of sons) . . . and Abdul Haq should be asked where is the son that was the blessing of the mubahila? Did he dissolved inside the womb, or regressed back into sperm?
    4. pp. 320-324: Letter from Ghulam Fareed of Chachran Sharif
    5. pp. 324-328:Shaikh Ali Hamza bin Ali Malik Al-Toosi, in his book Jawahir-al-Israr published in 840 A.H. writes this about the Promised Mahdi: ‘(Farsi) It is in Arbaeen that the Mahdi will merge from Kad’ah. (Arabic – Hadith): Said the Prophet (saw): the Mahdi will arise from a village known as Kad’ah and Allah the Exalted will verify him and will gather his companions from the far reaches of the land – on the number of those of Badr, 313 men – and with him will be a written book (or printed) in which will be the numbers of his companions with their names, places and occupations.’The author then goes on to print the names of these 313, at least one of which is duplicate and a few are ambiguous and many are already dead at the time of this writing. You can view the list here.
    6. p.338Remember that the second part of this prophecy (about Muhammadi Begum‘s husband) is not fulfilled then I will stand as the worst of the worst. O stupid people, it is not the fabrication of man, not the business of an evil forger. Surely know that this is the true promise of God – the same God whose words cannot be circumvented – the same Lord of Glory whose intent no one can stop. You have lost the knowledge of His ways and methods, and that is why you faced this tribulation. In Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya 17 years ago, there was an indication of this prophecy and it is the revelation on page 496 of the book: ‘O Adam abide you and your spouse in the garden; O Maryam abide you and yourspouse in the garden; O Ahmad abide you and your spouse in the garden.’ The word spouse is mentioned three times and I was named in three ways: the first name was Adam when Allah the Exalted gave me a spiritual form with His own hand, and the first wife was mentioned at that time. Then he named me Maryam at the time of the second wife as I was given blessed children at the time who resembled the Messiah and, also, I had to face many tribulations at the time just as Mary was put into trial with the bad assumptions of the Jews at the time of the birth of Eesa(as). And now the third wife is awaited and the word ‘Ahmad’ has been associated with it and this word is an indication that there will be praise and adulation in this time. This is a hidden prediction whose secret God has opened upon me now. Thus this mention of ‘spouse’ with three different names points to this prophecy.(MGA never married the third time, and had to suffer humiliation because of his pursuit of Muhammadi Begum even when she was married to someone else).
    7. p.342I hear with sadness that this Ghaznavi group that is maligning Islam and who live in Amritsar are saying to people that: the unfortunate Muhammad Saeed of Delhi who left my following and his brother Kabeer who died in Maleer Kotla in December 1896 are the effect of the mubahilawith Abdul Haq. Now Muslims – see what Satanic fabrications this are being employed by these dark-hearted group of Ghaznavi’s followers.
    8. p. 344:Now Abdul Haq Ghaznavi should eat something and kill himself that God is showing my respect to hundreds of thousands of people, and which is humiliation for him. The filthy person should think whether this is the effect of the mubahila? or that his (AHG) brother should die and he should take over control of his old wife as the sign of success in the mubahila.


MGA wrote his book entitled, “The Review of the Debate with Batalvi and Chakrhalvi”, its a book of roughly 11 pages and now in english. The details of the debate can be found in the issue no. 5, v. 19, pages 141-231. (See Hidden Treasures, since this seems to point towards 1896).
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