Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan (born 1870, died February 10th, 1945)(See Dard page 816), a Chief of Malerkotla (it was roughly 200 km southeast from Qadian) seems to have been an Ahmadi since at least 1892. Dard tells us that he donated towards the publishing of MGA’s book, “Nishan-Asmani” aka “Heavenly sign” (June 1892)(See Dard, page 338). His name is also listed in the famous “list-of-313” that were recorded by MGA’s team in 1896. In 1896, MGA had a daughter born, she was given the name Mubarika Begum. By 1901, MGA seemed to have a revelation wherein he named her “nawab” (see Dard, page 565, (Ahmadiyya leadership wont give the date) she was thus married off to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, she was only 5 years old and he was 31 at the time. However, it is unclear whether or not she moved in with the Nawab or not. More details will follow shortly. Nonetheless, by 1901, the Nawab of Malerkotla was a worker in Qadian and even brought a phonograph and since MGA couldn’t speak properly, he had Maulvi Abdul Kareem’s voice recorded (See Dard, page 816). Further, during the amin ceremonies of Mahmud Ahmad and Mirza Bashir Ahmad, they seem to have also celebrated the wedding of MGA’s daughter. In 1931, the brother of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan helped the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad get elected to the All-India-Kashmir-Committee (See Khan “The construction of the Ahmadiyya Identity”, page 167).
His wife

He was married to MGA’s eldest surviving daughter, Mubarika Begum in roughly 1908. She was barely 11-12 years old.

His children

1. Khan Abdur Rahim Khan—he is mentioned as studying in college in the ROR of July-1920. This seems to be a son from his first wife. It is also mentioned how he travelled from India to the UK with Azeez-ud-Din. Ahmadiyya sources claim that he was studying agriculture and law. He was the 3rd son of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan. 

2.  Eldest Daughter—Syeda Mansoora Begum, she married Mirza Nasir Ahmad on August 5th 1934. It is unclear when Syed Mansoora Begum was born (most like 1909), however, she died on 3rd December 1981. She seems to have lived in Maler Kotla from age 5-until her marriage in 1934, she probably moved back to Maler Kotla, since her husband was sent abroad for 4 years right after the marriage.

3.  Muhammad Ahmad Khan, born in 1910, he was the father of Captain Mahmood Ahmad Khan (Chief Pilot of Pakistan International Airlines PIA).

4.  Masud Ahmad Khan was born in 1913.

5.  Mahmood Begum, her DOB is unknown, she was married to her first cousin, Dr. Mirza Munawar Ahmad in 1940.

The reference and scan
Tareekh E Ahmadiyyat vol 1 page 586.

His grandchildren

A grandson of his posted pics of his grave in Qadian in Bashishti Maqbara, his name is unknown. He has a son named FAWAD KHAN and currently lives in the USA.

His other son Sajid and daughter Sarah live in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Roughly 1894

MGA physically sent Nurruddin to Malerkotla to teach Quran to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan (See Noorudin by by Syed Hasanat Ahmad). Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan was a Shia-Muslim.

Some elders from Qadian attended the marriage ceremony of Hazrat Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan in Malerkotla. To name a few, Hakim Maulvi Nuruddin, Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti and Maulvi Ahsan Amrohi  participated in it. It is reported that the Nikah was announced by Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Nuruddin (see Al-Hakam, Retrieved on 11-6-19, via twitter, archives). This was Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan’s 2nd marriage, he had married his wife’s sister when she passed away tragically.

Maktubat-e-Ahmadiyya Volume 5, Number 4, Page 84, Enveloped Letter Number 16, written at the end of 1898, exact date not available

Was Piety/Taqwa a Priority in the Mind of the Promised Messiah when it came to Matrimony? from islam_ahmadiyya


Letter is addressed to Nawab Mohammad Ali Khan Sahib of MalerKotla. I will skip further background. It should be sufficient to say that Nawab Sahib had attempted to place an ad for a suitable match for a girl of his family. I have worked out who the person was and what significance she has in Jamaat history and present times, but let us leave all that for another time. Just read the letter and make up your mind on what the promised Messiah is prioritizing here.

“…For the Ad for Marriage, you have not put any conditions. Now even though, M.A. Sahib is extremely pious, of good character, youthful, handsome and a gentleman, and has every possible excellence, is of pious character and possesses many pious qualities in him, but it is unfortunate that he is neither Pathan, nor Mughal or Sayyad or Qureshi. Instead he is from the farmers of this country. He belongs to a poor family.

(And) my wife’s real brother Mohammad Ismail is 18 years old and is a hereditary Sayyed and is studying in F.A. But sadly he has no (ongoing) income. Earlier probably through the Islamic Sultanate (they) had land valued at 25000 (rupees), however in 1857 it was confiscated, and now these people get just a small (stipend), out of which Mir (Mohammad Ismail)’s mother gets 6 rupees monthly. (Should) suffice, Wassalam.

Khaksar Mirza Ghulam Ahmad..

MGA hints that his daughter will become a Nawab. MGA seems to have brokered the deal for marriage while his daughter was barely 4 years old.



Friends. As per the belief of Muslims, the holy Prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihi wasallam is the only prophet who will be allowed by Allah to make intercession (Shafaat) on the day of Judgment.

Qadiani official historian Dost Muhammad Shahid, wrote a story proving that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani made Shafaat and Allah accepted it. At page 457 of Tareekh Ahmadiat Vol-3 DM Shahid writes :

“In 1902, Nawab Abdul Rahim son of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan fell seriously ill. He suffered high degree fever for 14 days. This made his mind affected and he became insane. The fever further aggravated his condition. Hazrat Sahib (Mirza) was informed of his date to date condition and he used to pray for his early recovery of health. One day his condition deteriorated to a degree that all family member got hopeless of his health and death seemed to be certain. Hazrat sahib (Mirza) prayed for him with special attention at Tahajjud Time (mid night prayer). Allah revealed to him of his wahi that “TAQDEER MUBRAM HAI AUR HALAKAT MUQADDAR” meaning it is it is the inevitable fate and death is certain. Molvi Abdul Karim says my master (MGAQ) told me that he felt very sad when God told him this through Wahi. So out of sheer sorrow I (MGAQ) said to Allah, if it is not the opportunity of Dua then I make Shafaat for him for which it is appropriate time. Suddenly Wahi was revealed to me.
یسبح لہ من فی السماوات و من فی الارض من ذالذی یشفع عندہ الا بازنہ۔
Mirza says he got scared having done shafat without permission. Then the second Wahi came
انک انت المجاز
Permission is given to you.
After sometime Abdul Rahim got well gradually like a dead man has come to life again.


He gives his daughter to Mirza Sharif Ahmad. Her age is unknown, Mirza Sharif Ahmad was 11 years old at the time of marriage.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1901 to 1907

He seems to have totally moved to Qadian by this time-frame. There are barely any details…he may have been back and forth to Malerkotla, which was just a one day journey. Further, it seems like there were some financial trouble for the Nawab in 1906….MGA tells of receiving some revelations to that effect (see Tadhkirah, 2009 online edition, page 898). Further, he was one of the members of the Sadr Anjuman. At least half of the Anjuman were relatives of MGA through marriage or otherwise.

MGA announces the Dowry price for his daughter

See here:
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (MGA) accepted Rs56000/= as haq-mehar for his daughter because his daughter WAVIED OFF HER RIGHT TO 1/8TH (ONE-EIGHTH) SHARE

MGA married his eldest daughter to Muhammad Ali Khan, announced on 17 Feb 1908
MGA married off his daughter, who was barely 11-12 years old to a 40-year old man, who had been married 2 times prior to this marriage.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________At the death of MGA–June 1908

Noorudin mentioned the relatives of MGA as suitable fits for the Khilafat, in-fact, he mentions Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan as a relative. Which proves that he had already been married to the daughter of MGA, this proves that she was no older then 10 or 11 at the time of marriage. Further, in Noorudin’s first address as Khalifa he said:

“”I glorify Allah, Who is ever Eternal. Every prophet, who comes to the world, has a mission, which once completed, God calls him back. Have a look at my past life; I never desired to be an
Imam. When Abdul Kareem Sahib became an Imam-us-Salat (one who leads the prayer), I felt a sigh of relief. I know myself fully well and my God knows me even better than myself. The
only desire that I have is that my God be happy with me and, in order to achieve this happiness, I keep myself busy with constant prayers seeking His pleasure. In Qadian, I have spent quite a
time in ruminating over the fact as to what would happen after Hadhrat Sahib. From among the relations of Hadhrat Sahib, three of them are present here (Sahibzada Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-
Din Mahmud Ahmad, Hadhrat Mir Nasir Nawab and Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan) and, in order to maintain unity, you do Bai‘at at the hand of any of them, and I would be with you. (Al-
Badr, June 2, 1908, p. 6).”” (also see, Norudin by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, pages 113-114).

Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan’s father, Nawab Ibrahim Ali Khan passes away. Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan’s brother, Ahmad Ali Khan of Malerkotla takes over as ruler of Malerkotla.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________14 March 1909

MGA’s eldest daughter was officially married off. She seems to have moved to Malerkotla with this man.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The children of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan and Mubarika Begum

1.  Eldest Daughter—Syeda Mansoora Begum, she married Mirza Nasir Ahmad on August 5th 1934. It is unclear when Syed Mansoora Begum was born (most like 1909), however, she died on 3rd December 1981. She seems to have lived in Maler Kotla from age 5-until her marriage in 1934, she probably moved back to Maler Kotla, since her husband was sent abroad for 4 years right after the marriage.

2.  Muhammad Ahmad Khan, born in 1910, he was the father of Captain Mahmood Ahmad Khan (Chief Pilot of Pakistan International Airlines PIA).

3.  Masud Ahmad Khan was born in 1913.

4.  Mahmood Begum, her DOB is unknown, she was married to her first cousin, Dr. Mirza Munawar Ahmad in 1940.

The reference and scan
Tareekh E Ahmadiyyat vol 1 page 586.
 _____________________________________________________________________________________________Nooruddins comments on this marriage

“There was a time when, a king had given the hand of his daughter to an ancestor of Nawab sahib (muhammad ali Khan) named Sadar Jahan.  And that wise man (the king) was a very lucky man (because the king had given his daughter in this family) but our friend, Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan is ever more fortunate that a “Nabi-Ullah”‘s daughter has come in his Nikah”

As the conflict for the power of Khilafat over the Sadr Anjuman bubbled, the Nawab obviously supported Khilafat, since he knew that his new family would have Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad as in-charge, and thus the finances of the movement would be controlled by the Mirza family. During the famous meeting on the top of the Masjid Mubarak, he was forced to give his opinion and also give his allegiance to Noorudin and etc (see page 245). He also had conversations with Khwaja Kamaluddin that were recorded in the Khwaja’s book “The causes of internal dissensions in the Ahmadiyya Movement” (1914).  

After 1909

It seems that he was also living with MGA, although the details are sketchy, later on, after Noorudin became Khalifa, he had a house built, it was connected to the new Nur-Masjid, which was named after Noorudin, and was right next to the Talim-ul-Islam High School, which seems to be 50-100 yards from the house of MGA. It is unclear when MGA’s daughter began living with this older man. Further, Nooruddin seemed to continue to live with MGA’s family until early 1914, wherein he moved out, he thus moved into this new house. He also had him (Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan) as the executor of his (noorudin’s) will. Noorudin thus died in the Nawab’s house and his will was read out by the Nawab (see page 334). They then elected Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad in a make-shift election.

Nooruddin was at the house of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan and was returning to the home of MGA, he fell off of his pony and was dragged mercilessly, he almost died and had to have a leg amputated.

He is made a member of the Anjuman Taraqi-e-Islam.

Obviously, he sided with the family of MGA and the rest is history. The first Lahori-Ahmadi Jalsa was being held in December of 1914 in Lahore, the second day, 26 December 1914, was scheduled to begin with a poem by “Janab Muhammad Nawab Khan sahib Saqib of Malerkotla” (Paigham Sulh, 17 December 1914). But in the report of the proceedings of that session it says: “Janab Saqib of Malerkotla could not come” (Paigham Sulh, 27 December 1914). Of course, this “Saqib” would appear to be a different person from Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, since the latter Nawab was issuing announcements at the time instructing members of the Qadiani Jamaat not to attend the Jalsa at Lahore, to which all of them had been invited by Maulana Muhammad Ali.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________He was mentioned in Kwaja Kamaluddin’s book of 1914, in terms of the split

Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din in his Urdu book ‘Causes of the Split in the Ahmadiyya Movement’, published in December 1914 (see link). He wrote:

“Is not the following incident true? On one occasion I said to the Nawab [Muhammad Ali Khan] sahib, with much pain: For God’s sake, let us have pity on the community. Why are we opposing each other on every matter, be it support for the Muslim university, or method of propagation, or the issue of calling others as kafir, matters on which the community is being split into two? On this point, the Nawab sahib and I talked privately in the grounds of his house at about 9 or 10 p.m. He replied: Just decide one matter. Give all authority to the khalifa, and the other differences will disappear.

In reply to this, I said to the Nawab sahib that a khalifa who would be like Nur-ud-Din would rule over us by virtue of his personal qualities, not by virtue of being khalifa. The following day, the Nawab sahib and the Mian sahib walked out of the meeting of the Anjuman. I swear by God the Most High that this incident is true and correct as I have described it.”

He and his wife (Nawab Mubaraka Begum) are mentioned the ROR of Dec-1916 as having returned to Qadian after a long time in Malerkotla. 

The ROR of Oct-Nov-1917 reports that he went to Delhi with a deputation of Ahmadi’s which was led by Zafrullah Khan and the 2nd Khalifa, this was in terms of the Indian Reforms. He is also mentioned as someone who MGA miraculously cured. 


In the Oct-Nov edition of the ROR, it is mentioned how the son of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan is in London. His son’s name is Abdur Rahim Khan Khalid.

Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan throws a party for the European engineer who built the train station at Qadian.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Nasir Ahmad married the daughter of Nawab Mubarika Begum in 1934

On 5 August 1934, Nasir Ahmad married Syeda Mansoora Begum, a granddaughter of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and eldest daughter of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan of Malerkotla, India. Within a month of getting married, Nasir Ahmad left India and proceeded for postgraduate studies to England. Nawab Mubarika Begum had a few daughters, 2 additional daughters are mentioned in the english book, “Amma-Jan” (2011, online edition, it seems to be a summary of Sirato Sawaneh Hadrat Amman Jan” by Prof. S. N. Saeed, aka “Dearest-mother” (see page 177).  A granddaughter of Amma Jan is also mentioned in this book, her name is Mahmuda Begum Sahibah.  Further, the other daughter of Nawab Mubaraka Begum is Asifah Mas‘udah Begum (nicknamed “Baby”), She seems to have had 2 daughters from her marriage with Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan.

He is mentioned in the ROR of Jan-1940.

He is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1941.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1945, Feb 10th

He dies. (See Dard page 816). He was buried right next to Mirza Sultan Ahmad. See the photos. 
His son also has a testimony about this on flickr. Listen to brother Zia talk about his death herein, at the 2:06:54 mark.

Scan from Zia

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan’s son from his previous marriage was married to the youngest daughter of MGA

In a strange twist of events, the youngest daughter of MGA (Amtul Hafeez) was also given into the same family, in fact, she was married off at a very young age to the son of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, this son was from a previous marriage. She must have been roughly 8-9 years old and went to go and live with her sister in the same house. Moreover, the age of this son is undocumented, as is the age of MGA’s youngest daughter, for obvious reasons.  His name was Hadrat Nawwab Muhammad ‘Abdullah Khan.  See “Amma-Jan”, pages 180-181).

Also see this essay:
_____________________________________________________________________________________________My brief comments

There is nothing wrong in any of these marriages, in rural life and for the majority of human history, most marriages happened in this way, and this spans cultures and religions. My only issue is that Ahmadiyya is open and transparent about the entire story. They are purposely hiding information. Further, Ahmadis have argued that Ayesha (ra) was 19 at the time of marriage, however, as we all know, she was roughly 6-7, and that’s per super-authentic tradition from Bukhari.

Scans and pics



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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad married off his daughter when she was barely 11-12 years old

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