Ahmadi’s lie to the world in terms of their rights to vote in Pakistan. They deflect and claim that they aren’t allowed to vote in Pakistan since it forces Ahmadi’s to admit that they are non-Muslim. However, just to get an ID card in Pakistan an Ahmadi does this, they never complain in this instance. When Ahmadi’s get a passport, they also sign the same document wherein they confirm that they are not Muslim. Why the duality? Well, this is the Ahmadi strategy from the top, from the Mirza family.

Nevertheless, when Ahmadi’s were declared as non-Muslim in 1974, it opened up seats on the National Assembly for Ahmadi’s. Per Friedman, Pakistan’s People’s Party nominated Bashir Tahir in late 1975 or early 1976. Per Friedman, he won in March of 1976. He was immediately ex-communicated by the Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad. He was also declared a murtad by the Khalifa (see Adil Hussain Khan. From Sufism to Ahmadiyya: A Muslim Minority Movement in South Asia. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2015, via Prophecy Continuous by Friedman). The Khalifa had a strict policy in Pakistan wherein no Ahmadi was allowed to vote or even participate in national elections or procedures.

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