We have written about Ahmadiyya in the British colonies of West and East Africa. We are continuing to write more and more about Ahmadiyya in Africa. What about the Congo? Well, the Congo was a Belgium colony, wherein the worst atrocities were committed. The government of Belgium, much like the French, Spanish and Portugeuse, they also refused to allow Ahmadi’s to setup missions.

Nevertheless, it seems that in 2005, the Ahmadiyya community established a center in the Congo. By 2020, the Amir and Missionary-in-Charge of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a Pakistani, Khalid Mahmood Shahid. The Ahmadiyya Congo Kinshasa Jamaat constructed a  mosque in the province of Kwilu, Bandundu region. This remote village is on the bank of river Kwilu, about 450 kilometers from the capital Kinshasa. Ahmadiyya sources claim that 31 villages have converted. There is no land route to the mosque and the missionary and workers have to take boats to reach the site. The regional missionary of the Bandundu region, Farid Ahmad Bhatti Sahib, with his team, endeavoured to complete the task of building the mosque. We have another missionary, his name is Kaleem Ullah.

This country is also called Congo-Brazzaville. Ahmadiyya sources are claiming 500,000 Ahmadi’s in this country which is a total lie, there are barely 100 Ahmadi’s in the entire country.
The Ahmadiyya temple

First Ahmadi mosque in Kiri Inongo, Congo Kinshasa opened – Al Hakam

My father, the late Maulana Talib Yacoob Sahib

The Ahmadiyya Movement alleges that one of its murrabi’s, Maulana Talib Yacoob was sent to Zaire [now the Democratic Republic of the Congo], Africa and he had the opportunity to serve for approximately three years, from 1989 to 1992.

The 5th Khalifa announced 12,000 converts from Congo Brazzaville and 10,000 from Congo Kinshasha. Which is 22,000 for the entire country. 
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