As we all know, MGA insulted Jesus Christ of the bible and Esa (as) of the Quran. He insulted Esa (as) in many other books also. We have also posted lots of quotes which cover 1884 to 1902 and MGA’s insults of Esa (as). We have specifically quoted the ROR of 1902 in the below, the February edition, in the March 1902 edition, on page 114, the drunkenness is discussed in a disrespectful way. In April of 1902, the birth of Esa (as) is discussed, Muhammad Ali seems to argue that Esa (as) might have had a biological father. MGA went over board and straight up accused Jesus of even being the reason for widespread alcoholism in the European world in 1902, in his book, “Kishti-e-Nuh”, portions of this book were published in the ROR of November 1902.

We have found another reference (Malfuzat) from MGA wherein he accuses Esa (as) of getting oil massages by adulterous women. You can listen to Sunni Imam’s Usman Iqbal and Abdul Haleem for their explanation here.

A similar statement is made by MGA in Dafi‘ul-Bala’i wa Mi‘yaru Ahlil-Istifa’, in english as “Defence Against the Plague & A Criterion for the Elect of God” (1903).
2016 edition of Malfuzat, Volume-3, Page 279, Initially Published in Rabwah, 1961, in Urdu, covering the period from
November 1901 to October 14, 1902.

“”The Messiah used to get oil massages from adulterous women, if he had begged allah for forgiveness (istighfar), then he wouldn’t have been as such”

“”Maseeh tho khud kunjereeo say thail malwata rai, agar istighfar karte, to yeh khalat nai hote”

Other editions of Malfuzat
1969 edition

1984 edition

_____________________________________________________________________________________________The full timeline and list of references of how MGA insulted Esa (as)

MGA denied all the miracles of Esa (as) as explained in the Quran.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Firstly, in 1892, in Nishan Asmani, MGA insulted the name Esa:

“””I am extremely perplexed as to why these Ulema are vexed by the word ‘Isa. In Islamic literature, even detestable things are named ‘Isa. For instance, in the book Burhan-e-Qati‘a, under the letter ‘‘Ain’, we read, that ‘Isa Dihqani is a metaphor for wine made from the grapes and ‘Isa Nau Maha is the bunch of grapes from which wine is made. Wine made from grapes is also called ‘Isa Nau Maha. Now, it is outrageous that these Ulema should name a wine ‘Isa and not hesitate to mention this in their books and consider it permissible that an abominable thing and a holy man should have the same appellation, while the person whom God Almighty, by His grace and power, names ‘Isaas, as opposed to the prevalent Dajjaliyyat, should be considered by them to be an infidel.””””(Nishan Asmani, online english edition, page 37).
In 1895, MGA and his team finally called Esa (as) a drunkard, and its obvious that they copied Lekh Ram.  Here is the quote:

“Jesus was an Alcoholic and Gluttonous person, neither Abstinent nor a Pious Worshipper, nor a Truth seeker. He was a Proud and a Self- conceited Claimant of Divinity.” (Nur-ul-Quran, Roohani Khazain Vol 9 p.387).  

“A beautiful prostitute is sitting so close to him as though she is embracing him. Sometimes she massages his head with perfume or holds his feet, and sometimes she lays her beautiful black hair on his feet and plays in his lap. In this situation Mr. Messiah is sitting in ecstasy. If someone rises to object he is scolded. Besides his young age, the habit of alcoholism and being a bachelor, a beautiful prostitute is lying in front of him touching her body with his. Is this the behavior of a virtuous person? And what evidence or proof is there that Jesus did not get sexually aroused by the touch of the prostitute? Alas! Jesus could not even have the facility of sexual intercourse with a wife of his own after passing his glance upon that adulteress. What sexual excitement would have been provoked by the touching of that wretched adulteress and her playfulness! The sexual excitement and arousal would have done its work to the extreme. This is the reason why Jesus could not even open his mouth to say, ‘Oh adulteress! Keep away from me’. It is well established in the Bible that that woman was one of the prostitutes, notorious for adultery in the entire city”. (Nur-ul-Quran, Roohani Khazain vol 9 p.449).  

“You may have tried to find a solution to the objection (raised) about the Messiah’s paternal and maternal grandmothers. I am tired of thinking (of a justification of this). Up to now no nice solution has occurred to do me. What a glorious god he is whose paternal and maternal grandmothers are of such repute!” (Nur-al-Quran, Roohani Khazain, vol 9 p.394).

“”The teachings of Jesus ruined the whole of Europe since it permitted unrestrained and unconditional liberty. So much so that it resulted in all (practicing) adultery and fornication like pigs and dogs”” (Nur-ul-Quran, Roohani Khazain vol 9, page 416).


“(while on the cross) Jesus could not portray himself as pious man because people knew he was gluttonous alcoholic and these bad habits were not ever since claiming divinity but it seems from early age he had (these habits). Therefore to claim divinity is one of the bad after effects of alcoholism.” (Satt bachan, Roohani Khazain vol 10 p 296).
Later in 1897, MGA continued to insult Esa (As)

“(Jesus) had the habit of uttering obscenities and frequently using foul language. He used to get angry over petty things. He had no control over his emotions.” (Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain , Vol 11 p.289 ).  

“Jesus had an inclination for prostitutes, perhaps due to his ancestral relationship with them, otherwise no pious man could allow a young prostitute to touch his head with her filthy hands, and massage his head with the unclean perfume purchased with the earnings of adultery and rub his feet with her hair. Let the intelligent judge what sort of character such a person must possess.” (Zamimah Anjam Atham, Roohani Khazain Vol 11 p.291).  

“The family of Jesus was perfectly holy and immaculate. Jesus’ three paternal and maternal grandmothers were fornicators and prostitutes, from whose blood the body of Jesus came into existence.” (Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain vol 11 p.291).

Ruhani khazyian 14 -page 300 (ayam alsulah)

“that their (afghani) women meet and talk freely to their betrothed, some of their tribes (afghani) do not make distinction between being engaged and being in the Nikah. (mga is clever how he use the words, here he is saying  that even if one is engaged they would carry on as a married couple) women meet their fiancé openly and talk freely. Hazrat Maryam Sadiqa to go out with her fiance Yousaf freely, is the firm testimony on this Israeli tradition. Women of certain coastal tribes (afghani) cross the boundaries with their fiances to the extent that they get pregnant before the Nikah, they do not get frowned upon, and they push aside the issue laughing and joking about it. Just like Jews, they, being betrothed see it a kind of nikah, during which the is set too.”

Transliteration: “muslun un kay baaz qabial (tribes) main naata aour nikah main kutch chandan (little) faraq nahin samaghtay aour aurteen (women) apnay mansoob kay saath bilaa takaluf miltee hain aour batain kertee hain. Hazrat Maryam sidiqa kaa apnay mansoob yousaf kay saath kabal nikah kay phirna (go out) us israeely rasam per pukhta shahadat hai. Magar khawateen serhadi (women from serhad-coastal area) kay baaz kabail main yaiy mamaaslat aourton kee apnay mansoobon say hud say ziaada hoti hai, hutta kay baaz aoukaat nikah say pehlay hamal (pregnancy) bhee ho jata hai, gis koo buraa naheen mantay bulkay hunsee (laugh) thathay (laughing matter) main baat ko taal daitay hain, kayounkay yahood kee taraah yay loog natta (engagement) ko aik kisam kaa nikah hee jantay hain gis main pehlay mehr bhee muqarar ho jataa hai.

“”5th point is their customs, which are similar to Jews, as their tribes don’t make a difference between regular relationship and marriage. Ladies meet their fiance quite often. Hazrat Mariam used to meet with her fiance Yousaf (Yusuf)(Joseph) before marriage, this is quote sufficient evidence of jewish customs. But these customs are too much between women of tribes of Sarhad, some of these women even get pregnant before nikah (marriage), and its not considered bad, people used to get-away with it and laugh, because like jews they believe “this-arrangement” to be like a nikah, because before it they fix a dowry for it…”



You can listen to the “Warriors of Jesus” youtube channel discussing these quotes herein. It seems that MGA accused Eisa (as) of having a sack of money on him all the time, with 30,000 rupees in it (See John 12:6 of the bible).


Kishti-e-Nooh, Roohani Khazain vol 19 p.71

“The root cause of all the damage that alcohol consumption has had on the Europeans was that Jesus used to drink alcohol, perhaps because of some disease or an old habit.”
ROR February-1902, page-43

“Jesus..example..was quite worthless and misleading. He taught one thing..and did another” –



Roohani Khazain, Dafi-ul-Bala- Volume 18 – Page 220

“If you become shameless you can say anything but the fact of the matter is that Maseeh (Jesus) was not more pious than the righteous people of that period. Rather the Prophet Yahya (John) is superior to Maseeh because he did not drink alcohol and it was never heard that an unchaste woman came and anointed him with perfume of her unchaste earning or touched his body with her hands and hair. Or some non-mahram young women came to his service. That is the reason God called Yahya in Quran as Husoor (chaste) but He did not use such a name for Maseeh as such stories were prohibitive to name him so. Further, Hazrat Isa (AS) repented for his sins at the hands of Yahya who is called John by Christians and was made Elijah later on.” 
Naseem Da’awat, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.434-435, by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (this book is not in english). 

“I remember an incident and which is that I have Diabetes for several years. I urinate 15-20 times daily and sometimes I urinate 100 times per day. Due to sugar in urine, I also get infection in urine and due to excessive urination I become very weak. Once a friend suggested that Opium is beneficial in Diabetes, therefore there is no harm if I use it as medicine. I answered: ‘It is very nice of you to have sympathise with me but if I form a habit of taking Opium than I am afraid that people will joke that THE FIRST MESSIAH WAS AN ALCOHOLIC AND THE SECOND ONE AN OPIUM ADDICT.”

A Quote from Malfuzat
Malfoozat 5- page 188, Published in Rabwah, October 1963, in Urdu, 464 pages, covering the
period from January 17 to May 30, 1903.

Mirza Qadyani is Quoted to have said “””And once Hazrat Eisa (jesus) e.s came to earth and (what) was the result that many billions of people became Mushrik (Non believers). What is he going to make again, that people wish for his coming (back to world).”””


Chashma Masihi, online english edition, page 16

“””This is the teaching of the Holy Quran. The Gospel, on the other hand, teaches unconditional forgiveness at all times, and thus tramples upon all sense of expediency on which the social structure is based. It only emphasizes the growth of one branch of the ‘tree’ of human ethics, and completely disregards all the others.

But, strangely enough, Jesus did not act upon his own moral teachings. He cursed the fig tree when he found it to be barren, while he exhorted others to pray. And while he taught others not to call anyone a fool, he himself went to the extent of calling the Jewish elders misbegotten,
hurling abuses at them in every sermon and calling them foul names. A teacher of morals must first exhibit those morals in himself. Could such a flawed teaching, which Jesus himself did not follow, be from God?

The only pure and perfect teaching is that of the Holy Quran, which nourishes all human faculties. It does not emphasize any one aspect, rather it teaches a judicious exercise of both forgiveness and chastisement. In truth, the Holy Quran is a reflection of the Divine law of nature which we witness all around us. It stands to reason that there should be harmony between God’s word and action.”””


Al-Badr, May 9th, 1907, page ?

“”Already once, Jesus came to earth, the result was that millions of people became polytheists in the world. What will he (Jesus) do when he comes back? That people want him (Eisa) to come?””


Mirza Bashir Ahmad son of Ghulam Qadiani, at page No. 732 Vol-3 of his book Seeratul Mahdi narrates this as under:-

“(801) Molvi Muhammad Ibrahim Bakapuri stated to me in writing that once he said to hazrat Masih e Moud (Mirza) that Allah has praised the mother of Essa a.s. with the title of SIDDIQAH, but huzur (mirza) said that, here the word, siddiqah has been used for negating the divinity of Essa a.s.. It has been used just like we in our punjabi language use the phrase “BHARJAI KANIYE SALAM AKHNA WAN” meaning O you the one-eyed wife of my brother, I say Salam to you. So the actual purpose of this sort of salam is actually not to convey salam but to remind her that she is one-eyed.”


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