Watch my video on this herein. The Ahmadiyya Movement is officially reporting 176,386 fake converts to Qadianiat for the fiscal year of 2021-2022. This is a total lie. This is up about 50k from 2021.You can read my full research work on census of Ahmadi’s herein. The Khalifa announced 176k conversions to Ahmadiyya, however, when we do the math, it seems to be like 287k, this is major error by the Khalifa.

He announced conversions for a few countries(1:32:51 time stamp):




4—Sierra Leone—15,700


6—Congo Brazzaville—-12,000

7—Guiniea Bissau—10,000


9—Congo Kinshasa—-10,000

10—Burkina Faso—-10,000




14—Ivory Coast—10,000



17—Central African Republic—10,000



20—São Tomé and Príncipe, 10,000




He mentions other converts from Ethiopia, Mauritius, Egypt, Gabon, Comoros Island, Mayotte Island and Cape Verde island. The Khalifa mentioned one additional country and we can’t make out its name.

We also noticed how there was no Sajad-e-shukar after bait at jalsa salana UK. Is this because of some covid protocols or is it a change in tradition that we are witnessing Every year we have been witnessing the sajda shukar for so many years and now today it was replaced by a prayer only.. I am just trying to understand why it happened? Did they explain anything about it? One more thing, since when did KMV’s security start saluting him(timestamp 16:33)? You can watch the Khalifa pull up in his Range Rovers herein also. Ahmadiyya sources claim that 26,650 people attended the #jalsauk. The Ahmadiyya Movement even lied to the BBC and claimed that 30,000 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s were going to attend the #jalsauk. They even bragged about saving 2.9 million dollars by forcinig AHmadi’s to do labor (Waqar-e-Amal). Sabah Ahmedi even claimed that 30,000 people were involved, he also alleged that 80 million would be watching world wide.


New Jamaats :355
New mosques :2017
New mission houses :123
New converts :166,836
Waqf e Nau. :78,000
Books printed :6,719,372
Leaflets distributed :7,611,000
Exhibitions :10,861
Mta Channels :8

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