Some Ahmadi’s have been using 2:28 (2:29 in the Qadiani Quran) to argue that Esa (As) can’t be alive/sleeping in the Samaa Wattay since this verse gives a general rule that all humans were given life, will die and then will be given life again. However, Ahmadi’s forget that for Esa (As) there are special rules, in fact, his birth was miraculous, satan didn’t touch him either as a baby. Esa (as) was allowed by Allah to raise the dead. In fact, Muhammad (saw) was the exception to the rule of 4 marriages, thus, this verse doesn’t apply to Esa (as), nor does it apply to Idris (as), since Idris was Raffa to allah before he died.

What did MGA write on this verse? Why are Ahmadi’s silent on this? What about other Ahmadi commentators?

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