MGA was extremely violent toward birds and cats. In one instance, MGA claimed to see a dream wherein he cut off a cat’s nose and then planned to hang it until it died.

al-Badr, vol. 2, no. 34, September 11, 1903, p. 365 and Notebook of the Revelations of the MGA, p. 15 (Via Tadhkirah)

“””August 24, 1903

“””(A) I saw in a dream that a cat sought to attack a pigeon belonging to us. It would not desist despite my repeated efforts to turn it away. Then I cut off its nose and though it was bleeding it still persisted in its effort. Then I caught hold of it by its neck and started rubbing its face on the
ground but it continued to raise it, till in the end I said: Let us hang it.”””

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