In a recent broadcast, a prominent Qadiani-Ahmadi, Khurram Shah has disclosed some secret data on the Ahmadiyya Movement in the USA. Khurram Shah has worked extensively with the USA jamaat and has worked as a local President (sadr) and many national positions. He revealed that there are roughly 15,000 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in the USA and the annual collection was 30 million, we have also come to find out that the jamaat has 50 employees in the USA (See the 2020 Ahmadiyya bail out). In 2014, the Ahmadiyya jamaat in the USA announced that there were 15-20,000 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in America, which seems to be an exaggeration. This was the official number given to congress as they started the Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus.

The Canadian Jamaat collected 23 million canadian dollars in 2019. In the UK, for 2019, they collected 22 million pounds, which equals 30 million US dollars. Thus, from the UK, Canada and the USA, they are collecting 82 million dollars. We estimate that the German Jamaat is sending in about 20 million US dollars, thus, the Ahmadiyya jamaat aka the Mirza family is getting 100 million dollars every year from 4 countries. All 4 of these countries fall under the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International (AMJI).

New data proves that there are roughly 50 Ahmadi murrabi’s (employees of the Mirza family) working in the USA. New data also proves that they get paid roughly 10,000 cash per year after their housing, food travel and clothing needs are taken care of. It should be remembered that in March of 2020, the Ahmadiyya movement wanted to see pay stubs from all of their members and were desperate for chanda money.

Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad says:

—-only 30% of Ahmadi’s in the USA are praying 5 times per day alone, the stats for congregational prayers would be roughly 5%.

—-Lajna is also similar

—33% of earning members of the USA jamaat are paying 84% of all the Chanda collected in the USA, the majority (67%) aren’t paying much.

—Wasiyyat is down 1% from 2018 to 2019, in 2004, Mirza Masroor Ahmad wanted more and more Ahmadi’s to join Wasiyyat, he wanted 50% of Ahmadi’s in the whole world to become regular contributors at 10%, however, this never happened, the USA-jamaat has 29% of its members giving at least 10%, in fact, it has dropped a fraction of a point.

—He claims that Ahmadi’s in the USA love MONEY for than Ahmadiyya

—Ahmadi youth in the USA is increasingly tasting alcohol, and drugs

—Ahmadi girls are taking off their Hijaab’s at an alarming rate

—Ahmadi boys are marrying non-Ahmadi girls at an alarming rate, and fake converting them to Ahmadiyya

—Ahmadi girls are sitting at home, single and unemployed

—The divorce rate in American-Ahmadis is at 22%, and desi parents (Ahmadi’s) keep being intolerant towards their daughter-in-laws.

—The grandsons/granddaughters and great grandsons/granddaughters of Ahmadi pioneers are walking away from Ahmadiyya at an alarming rate

—Ahmadi’s keep fighting amongst each other on trivial matters

—Educated Ahmadi kids don’t care about Ahmadiyya

“Ahmadi youth is increasingly drinking alcohol and experimenting with drugs”(13:56).

“Hijab is going down at a faster rate than nasiratt joining lajna” (14:24).

“A chilling fact, how many boys are marrying outside to non-ahmadis, and our daughters are sitting home, waiting… and waiting”(14:55).

“Our grandparents and great grandparents converted and sacraficed so much for ahmadiyya, they would never imagine that 3 generations their ancestors are walking away” (16:36).

“Our participation is so low 50-60% of ahmadis don’t pray.” (18:38)


The jamaat gets a 500k loan through the US Government Paycheck Protection Program, which was later on forgiven, this was recorded for 50 employees. This was during the beginning phases of the pandemic. Humanity First also got 20k, for 2 employees.

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In 2020, the Ahmadiyya Movement got a loan for 500k from the U.S. government for payroll help

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