Watch my video on this herein. A report was just published today by an organization called (FACE) Facing Abuse in Community Environments about how an Ahmadi child (a 14-year-old boy) was groomed and sexually abused by the Motamid Khuddam (34 years old)(named Muneeb Ur Rehman Ahmad). The sexual abuse happened at the Ahmadiyya place of worship named Baitul Ikram in Allen, Texas.

Case #—-Case ID=2798618, Case No. F21-412-16. The next court date is on 5-19-21.

According to the report, this tragic incident occurred over a span of two years, from 2018-2020. From the report, it seems that the jama’at is very reluctant on this matter and is trying to push it under the rug.

The whole Jama’at in Texas is aware of the ongoing criminal case [it’s like gossip to them]. The same person also told me that the vast majority of the Jama’at had been actively victim-shaming the poor boy. Also, jama’at members kept making excuses as to why the abuse occurred and even going to the point saying that the boy asked for it and even placed homosexual taboos on the situation despite knowing that it’s a crime to engage in sexual activity with a minor regards-less of the gender.

The Jama’at hasn’t publicly condemned this heinous crime shows that there might be something they are hiding- possibly more victims of abuse. Even though the case is still ongoing, the least they can do is say they believe and stand by the victim.

The jama’at is quick to call out/condemn other communities when things like this come to light, but they NEVER will address the skeletons in their OWN closet.

Please share this report with as many people as you can (especially in the Jama’at) so people can be aware that tragic incidents like these do occur in the Jama’at.


The victims report

The Victims Statement:

I was 14 years old when I was groomed and repeatedly sexually abused by Muneeb, a masjid youth leader in his thirties. I am now 17 and by all rights, that should be the worst thing that ever happened to me, but the gaslighting that followed and the process of reporting what happened to my religious community resulted in even more trauma and emotional scars that I am still processing in therapy. I learned about grooming and not accepting candy from strangers in school, but nobody ever taught me that I could meet a pedophile at the masjid. That he could be a respected youth leader and that I would be eager to trust and please him because of his position of power. Things escalated very quickly. Muneeb convinced me that he was the center of my world and that nobody understood me except him. I became distant from my family and friends and turned only to Muneeb for validation. Once the sexual abuse ended, the manipulation and gaslighting came full force. I felt powerless in front of him and became a shell of myself.

Less than a year afterwards, I became Nazim Atfal, the youth leader for boys ages 7-15, while Muneeb continued his role as Motamid (general secretary). Those nine months serving as Nazim Atfal led me to my breaking point. Not because of the workload or responsibility, but because the Qaid, the main youth leader, appointed Muneeb to supervise me. While still struggling to acknowledge what had happened, I had to be in contact with my abuser on an almost daily basis. I tried to deal directly with the Qaid, but he kept sending me back to Muneeb who seemed to take pleasure in having power over me. I dealt with my cognitive dissonance by keeping myself so busy with extracurricular activities and school that I had no time to think. In March 2020, the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I finally had time to process and I confided to a close family member about what had happened, who helped me gradually realize that I was a victim of child sexual abuse. The instant I realized this, I sat in the shower feeling disgusted. NO matter how much I showered, I couldn’t feel clean. I couldn’t sleep for weeks.

The first thing my father said when I told him about the abuse was, “It wasn’t your fault.” I wish I could say I received the same level of support from my jama’at (masjid community) and other family members who I have known, trusted and loved my entire life. After I reported my abuse to the police and the case went to court, I was removed from my position as Nazim Atfal without being told. I also discovered that jama’at leaders knew of Muneeb’s bad character long before he abused me but chose to keep quiet about it. The jama’at sought to protect its image, but didn’t think of protecting me even once. First, I felt that I was not believed and then second, I was blamed for being sexually abused and for speaking out against the horror and injustice that was inflicted on me. My family and I tried everything we could to cooperate with our jama’at leadership in this matter, but after going back and forth with them for almost three months, they didn’t take any responsibility for the actions of a leader they had appointed. Neither did they put into place any measures to prevent the further abuse of other children. Instead, they abandoned me when I needed them most. I want my community to do better. Please teach both your boys and girls how to protect themselves from sexual abuse. Please start doing background checks for all adults who will be interacting with minors. Please cooperate with the police when they are investigating potential abuse. This is not a matter that can be fixed by keeping it behind closed doors, or by telling girls to cover up. It can happen to anyone.

I chose to come forward about the abuse because of the possibility that there might be other victims. My heart breaks thinking that Muneeb had direct one-on-one access to the children I was responsible for. I have recurring nightmares about him hovering around them. Even though I have lost my connection with those children, my heart is at ease knowing they are finally safe from Muneeb. If there are any survivors from our community who have been abused, please come forward. Now is the time for you. Even though our community has a long way to go when it comes to dealing with issues of abuse, nothing will change unless we as a community foster safe environments where crucial social issues like these can be openly discussed without any judgment and dealt with transparently. The change starts with us.

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The police report

Muneeb Ur Rehman Ahmad was arrested on 5-11-2020

He has been indicted and was arrested about a year ago in May of 2020.
Latest update

06/23/2021 Court Setting / Plea Bargain Data / Continuance Data
07/28/2021 Announcement  (1:00 PM) (Judicial Officer Shipman, Sherry)
07/28/2021 Certificate of Call with Order for Issuance of Capias (Judicial Officer: Shipman, Sherry )
07/28/2021 Capias Issued (Failure to Appear)

07/30/2021 Court Setting / Plea Bargain Data / Continuance Data
07/30/2021 Order (Judicial Officer: Shipman, Sherry )
07/30/2021 Capias/Warrant Recalled – Sheriff’s Office notified
07/30/2021 Unfiled Nisi Form from District Attorney
08/02/2021 Capias Returned Unexecuted

09/22/2021 Announcement  (1:00 PM) (Judicial Officer Shipman, Sherry)

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