He was born in Qadian in 1914, he was the Ahmadi who accused Mahmud Ahmad of sex crimes in Qadian in the 1936-37 era. His father was Sheikh Abdur Rehman Misri, who was a high-ranking Qadiani-Ahmadi-Imam in those days, in fact, he would sometimes serve as in-charge of Qadian when the Khalifa would be out of town. Bashir Ahmad Misri and his friends (Fakhr ud Din Multani was murdered, he died a few days later) were attacked in broad day light in Qadian on Saturday, 08-07-1937, around 4:30 pm at the time of Asr prayers. This led to his family asking for government and Muslim (the Ahrar’s) protection from the Mirza family.  They seem to have moved to Lahore in late 1937. His father was hired as an Imam for the Lahori-Ahmadi’s. However, Bashir Ahmad Misri joined Sunni-Islam in 1940 and moved to East Africa, wherein he seems to have worked as a teacher. In 1961, he was allowed to move to London.  A few years later, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s hired him to be an editor. It seems that Bashir Ahmad Misri was planning to make friends with the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and then to turn on them at an opportune time. Which is exactly what he did. In 1964, he became the Imam of the Woking Mosque. By July 1968, his plan was in motion, he organized the local Muslim’s and wrestled control of the mosque from the Lahori-Ahmadi’s to the local Muslim scholars. He them left and went on a tour. His father died as a Lahori-Ahmadi in Pakistan in 1979. Bashir Ahmad Misri then responded to Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s global Mubahila challenge in 1989 and wrote about his youth in Qadian. His death year is unknown to us.

Bashir Ahmad Misri is born in Qadian.

In 1989, Bashir Ahmad Misri tells the world that when was 18 (1932) he was invited into the Khalifa’s inner circle of sex with boys and drugs.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1932–July 1937

Bashir Ahmad Misri is living with the stigma of knowing that the Mirza family was fake and fraudulent. We are unsure when he told his father about the homosexual/pedophilia filled life of the Khalifa.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________August 1937

Fukhr ud Din Multani, Bashir Ahmad Misri and one other Ex-Ahmadi are attacked in broad daylight in Qadian. Multani ended up dying a few days later in the hospital.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________September 1937

Shaikh Abdur Rahman Misri asks for government-police and Muslim (the Ahrar’s) protection from the Mirza family. They seem to have moved to Lahore in late 1937. His father was hired as an Imam for the Lahori-Ahmadi’s.

The ROR of Feb-1941 mentions the Misri Party and they objected to the luxurious life of the 2nd Khalifa.

He converts to Sunni Islam and moves to Africa to work. During his 20 years stay in East Africa, he was the Headmaster of the largest Secondary school there, and also held secretarial and presidential posts on religious, social and educational organizations among African, Asian and European communities.

He settled in England and for six years was Joint-Editor of the monthly magazine “The Islamic Review.”

Someway and somehow, he got appointed as an Imam at famous Lahori-Ahmadi managed mosque in the Woking. This may have been due to the fact that his dad was still a Lahori-Ahmadi. Bashir Ahmad Misri worked behind the scenes as Imam and was able to snatch control from the Lahori-Ahmadis and handing over control of the mosque to local Sunni leaders. This broke Lahorism, the Lahori-Ahmadis never recovered and have been withering away ever since, further, there weren’t many Lahori-Ahmadis in the world at that point anyway.  However, the Lahori-Ahmadis had control of mosques, they even built the first ever mosque in Germany. The irony here, is that while Bashir Ahmad Misri’s father (Sheikh Abdur Rehman Misri,) was serving as an Imam for the Lahori-Ahmadis in Pakistan, his son was snatching and destroying the Lahori-Ahmadis altogether. The October 1964 issue of The Islamic Review is possibly the first in which his name is given as Joint Editor(see page 6).

He was the Imam of the Woking mosque up until roughly July of 1968.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________January 1968

The struggle to its conversion to Sunni Muslims started in January 1968 by setting a Woking Mosque Regeneration Committee ,comprising Khalid Hussain Qamar (Woking), Moulana Habibur Rehman UK Islamic Mission ( Manchester), Allama Khalid Mehmood (executive director Manchester Mosque), Editor of Faran Magezine (Leicester), and Gondal( Reading). The committee wished to see High Commissioner of Pakistan , who was officially President of Registered Trust responsible for affairs of the Mosque, but all in vain for nine months. The state of the Mosque was miserable as there was no place for abolution, or taharat. There were no five times prayer established in the Mosque. Only on Sundays the Imam use to deliver a sermon to non Muslim visitors over a cup of tea. The Islamic Review magazine was regularly published from Shah Jehan Mosque as the only Muslim Organ under Editorship of Moulana Majeed Ahmad and Imam Hafiz BASHIR Ahmad Misri. Khalid Hussain Qamar started Quran Nazira lessons to 80 children of Sunni Muslims of Woking voluntarily with kind permission of the Imam in January 1968.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________July 1968

On the 20th July 1968, he called a meeting of all the Muslim Organisations in the UK and Eire, at the East London Mosque. It was attended by more than a hundred delegates. He explained the situation to them that I was due to start on my tour by the end of the year and that Mirzais were trying their best to have their own Imam installed.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________November 1968

Because of this permission, the Ahmadiyyah Movement terminated Hafiz Bashir Ahmed as Imam. Hafiz BASHIR Ahmad Misri, while leaving for Uganda authorised Khalid Hussain Qamar for arranging Traveeh Prayer during Ramadan first time ever in the history of the Mosque. Khalid Hussain Qamar (Woking), Chaudhary BASHIR Ahmad(Woking), and Raja Muhammad Asghar (Woking) availed this opportunity to install a new Imam for leading Traveeh Prayer while Hafiz BASHIR Ahmed Misri moved to Uganda as terminated Imam. Forceful capture of Mosque’s Residence and Mosque itself for prayers during Ramadan 1968 was beginning of Sunni Era of usage of the Mosque. That reached as blowing news to staff of Pakistan High Commissioner. Col Nazir Ahmed Dence Attachee and Haroon High Commissioner shown their concern about this possession. After one week of consistent request of the High Commissioner, Khalid Hussain Qamar along with local Muslims asked Col Nazir to visit them in the Mosque to resolve the issue. Woking Muslims presented the case that Mosque is to be natural worshipping place for local Muslims and therefore should be run along the wishes of local Muslims. Col Nazir agreed and requested the audience, let the High Commissioner offer them list of possible next Imams for their choice and High Commissioner could restore the official responsibility. So the First ever Sunni Imam (an employee of High Commissioner) Khawaja Qamar-Ud-Din took the charge as First Sunni Imam in December 1968. Since then the Mosque is in possession of Sunni Muslims.

He seems to have totally went missing from the records.

His father (Sheikh Abdur Rahman Misri) dies in Pakistan. He was a leading scholar and prolific writer of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.

He accepts the global Mubahila Challenge of Mirza Tahir Ahmad and writes about Ahmadiyya and his youth. He explains how the Khalifa preyed on him sexually starting in 1932, which culminated in the death of Fakhr ud Din Multani.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Pope of Rabwah

“”””On 6th August 1937, Khalifa Saheb delivered his last sermon on Friday in which his followers and warriors were roused pointing towards these persons (Multani, Bashir Masri etc.). The very next day on Saturday 7 August, around 4.30 pm at the time of Asr prayers Maulana Fakhruddin Saheb Multani, Hakeem Abdul Aziz Saheb and Hafiz Bashir Ahmad Masri Saheb (son of Shaikh Abdur Rehman Masri), all three were going towards police station, about 100 yards from the police station they were attacked by a sharp-edged weapon. This sharp-edged weapon went through the rib cage of Fakhruddin Saheb Multani and punctured his lung. Then Hakeem Abdul Aziz Saheb also received serious wounds on the mouth and cheeks through the same weapon.” (Pope of Rabwah p.52 by Mohammed Mazharuddin Multani)”“”

“”””Fakhruddin Multani was attacked in broad daylight and he was lying bleeding wriggling with pain at the gate of Khalifa’s Palace, but no one dared to attend him. Later some Muslims from Majlis-e-Ahrar (a Muslim organization dedicated to exposing the fraud of Ahmadiyyat) heard the news and they came and took the injured persons to Gurdaspur Hospital. Fakhruddin Multani died in the hospital on 13th August 1937. Amongst the 1000 Ahmadis living around the scene of crime, none could find the courage to give evidence against the culprits. Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh MBBS had his clinic in the same bazaar and he was an eyewitness of this incident. Although he was given lot of financial enticement, but the glitter of money could him stop him from giving evidence of the truth. Upon his evidence, Aziz Ahmad Qadiani was given capital punishment. Mirza Mehmud, 2nd Khalifa, offered his funeral prayer with great pomp, and labeled him a martyr of Ahmadiyyat. (Pope of Rabwah p.52 by Mohammed Mazharuddin Multani)“””

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