Recently, one of the founders of Khatme Nubuwwat died and Ahmadi’s laughed about it, anytime a critic of the Ahmadiyya movement dies, Ahmadi’s celebrate. However, when #ahmadis die tragically, Ahmadi’s are quiet.

We have a case of a qadiani-Ahmadi, Abdul Waraich, who seems to have grown up in Switzerland went around the world on a tabligh mission during the pandemic and in an attempt to plant the flag of #Ahmadiyya on the 7 highest peaks of the world. After planting the flag on the last peak (Nepal, mt. everest), he died on the descent. He was with a guy named Puwei Lei.
Mr. Waraich, a senior engineer for NGO The International Association of Ahmad Architects & Engineers (IAAAE). He was the local president of AMJ Waldshut.
What jamaat did he belong to?

Wofa Mohammed, an Imam at a mosque where Mr. Waraich frequented, said on Twitter: ‘Abdul Waheed Waraich was a very humble kind and a devoted man, May Allah give him high ranks in paradise and steadfastness and patience to all the bereaved. Amin.’

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, a group of mosques in Germany, paid tribute to Mr. Waraich, who was the local president of a mosque in Waldshut, which is on the border with Switzerland.

‘We are deeply saddened by the loss of our very dear brother Abdul Waheed Waraich, local president of AMJ Waldshut, who passed away on 11 May 2021 during the descent after conquering Mount Everest and completing his mission to raise the Liwa-e-Ahmadiyyat [the flag of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community] on the top of all 7 continents of the world,’ the group said.

‘He was a dedicated member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany. He will be remembered as a person with great character, humility and kindness.


Abdul Waraich, 41, of Switzerland and American Puwei Liu, 55, died of exhaustion while descending the slopes of the 8,848.86 metre (29,031.69-foot) mountain on Wednesday, said Thaneshwar Guragai, a manager of the Seven Summit Treks company that provided support to the climbers.

“Additional sherpas were sent with supplies and oxygen but unfortunately they could not save them,” he told Reuters.

Waraich, who was on his way down after reaching the summit, died near the south summit, according to Chhang Dawa Sherpa, another official of the company.

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Sad News. Ahmadiyya Flag planted on Mount Everest, but Abdul Waraich from Switzerland passed away on the way down


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