Recently, the #exahmadimovement has been gaining lots of steam. The Ahmadiyya movement has taken notice and worried. Their gang of murrabi’s, which are their employees will be soon out of work if #ahmadis start leaving #Ahmadiyyat en-masse. Because of this, Ahmadi Murabbi Rizwan Khan has recently lashed out against Ahmadi’s in the west who disbelieve in #Ahmadiyya but remain as #Ahmadis out of fear of familial boycott. For this Murahbi to call people spineless when they don’t do that is absurd and morally wrong, not everyone has easygoing parents and unbiased outlets for questions like I had.

Calling people cowards for not leaving due to social pressure is crazy disrespectful. Again, I agree that you should leave regardless of the pressure, Prophet Muhammad PBUH spent years in persecution from virtually everyone save a few for something he believed in. But calling someone cowardice is just wrong, not everyone is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Everyone has their own capacities and honestly, disrespecting someone for hiding it is just making them want to hide more.

What Murabbi Rizwan misses here, is often times it’s not about the individual non-believer lacking courage. It’s that their decision can negatively affect others whom they love.

Most often, those negative side effects are because the Community of people are programmed as a result of various Jama’at rules to express an emergent phenomenon of intolerance from within the Community.

For example, an adult woman of 25 expresses publicly that she no longer believes in Ahmadiyyat or even Islam, and that she has resigned. Suddenly, her younger 22 year old sister who is a believer, and who wants to get married in the Jama’at, is now at a serious disadvantage. This is just one scenario of a dozen possible archetypical scenarios for why it’s not about courage to be authentic. Rather, it’s often about selflessness in the face of cowardly oppressive cultures created and fostered by the Jama’at itself.

To be sure, the Jama’at’s leadership has some plausible deniability here–they don’t apply the social/emotional guilt, or reduce people’s options when a loved one openly and authentically professes disbelief. They only set in motion rules that provide the mood music for the rest of the membership to police their own in a suffocating way.

It’s funny how he doesn’t even understand how many ahmadis in Pakistan which he references do not openly declare that they are Ahmadi for either fear of physical harm or otherwise being ostracized. Are those people munafiqeen as well? He acts as if emotional harm or abuse doesn’t count as abuse – being ostracized by your community and family is one of the toughest things anyone can go through. Add on top of that the idea that you are potentially causing distress to your parents or loved ones – I’m actually not sure khan sb has looked up hypocrisy in the dictionary. He obviously views this from a religious lens where stories of people being tortured and killed for their beliefs are glorified and viewed as aspirations for all muslims.
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