This book mentions Dr. Sutherland and the last sentence here about MGA’s body being allowed in the second class section of the train at Lahore (second class ke ek rays row dabba(second class ki gaari mein jo rez row karai gayi thi- rakhwa diya gaya). It is rumored that MGA’s body was taken in a trash compartment, from Lahore to Batala. This book also shows that Dr. Sutherland didn’t come to see MGA’s dead body, or before. It says that Sheikh Rehmatullah went to Dr. Sutherland and made him write the certificate, ironically, it then argues that Dr. Sutherland was treating MGA in his final stage. This book also says that MGA died at age 76, which is totally wrong.

What’s odd about this book is that it was first published from Qadian in 2001. And thus, insignificant. It was written by Shaikh Abdul Qadir. He seems to be a companion of MGA. In 2022, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s published an english translation of an urdu book wherein Hayyat-e-Tayyaba is heavily quoted.
The death story given in this book

It gives some instances in MGA’s final moments which aren’t different from Seerat ul Mahdi… then after MGA dies, it says that he was 76 according to solar years and 74 according to lunar years.

Then it says that in the Islamiyya College the Muslims gathered and came to Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah’s home where MGA’s corpse was and they called out dirty slogans and cursed MGA in dirty swear words and celebrated.

He says that MGA’s body was taken from the the higher level of Dr. Shah’s home to the sehen at the lower level (courtyard?) In between 2-3 o clock and Nooruddin led the janaza prayer there with great difficulty. The difficulty seems to be due to the opposition and hostility from the Muslims outside.

Then the Muslims told the train attendant that MGA died of cholera so they didn’t allow MGA’s body to be transported. Sheikh Rehmatullah knew this would happen so in advance he went to Dr. Sutherland for MGA’s death certificate. The author argues that Dr. Sutherland was treating MGA in his last stage so he was able to give the certificate. As the certificate was shown to the train attendant then they let MGA’s body go in second class, in the “rez row” compartment (whatever that is).

When MGA’s body left to Qadian then the Muslims got a man to colour his face black and lie down on a charpai bed and they carried him around saying “haye haye Mirza”.
Hayat e Tayyiba, Page 441

MGA’s body leaves Lahore ponay che bajay (I don’t know what that means in Urdu but something around 6) and it reaches Batala by 10 PM at night. At 2 o clock they took MGA’s body out of the coffin and carried it on their shoulders on a charpai. Then at 8 AM they travelled 11 miles to Qadian.

Bahifazat tamam rakh diya gaya aur jamaat ke tamam doston ko jo bara sau ki tadad mein the aur jin mein se kaafi dost Anbala, Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Amritsar, Lahore, Gujranwala, Wazirabad, Jammu, Gujrat, Batala, Gurdaspur wagera waira mulaqat se bhi aye howay the, apne mehboob aqa ki akhiri ziyarat ka mauqa diya gaya.
(Hayat e Tayyiba, p. 442)

It then says that on May 27th k1 was unanimously accepted as MGA’s janisheen and khalifa by the anjuman and all Sahaba Ahmadis.

There’s a letter Khawaja Kamaluddin gave out on May 28 which informs Ahmadis that k1 is the khalifa and janisheen of MGA accepted by 1200 Ahmadis who gave baiya as well as the list of a few big Ahmadis:

Ahsan Amrohi, k2, Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, Sheikh Rehmatullah, Molvi Muhammad Ali, Dr. Mirza Yaqub Beg, Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah, Khalifa Rashiduddin, Khawaja Kamaluddin.

(Ibid 442-443)

There’s also some argument that k1 took baiya on May 27 which fulfilled MGA’s prophecy “the event of the 27th״

(Hayat e Tayyiba, page 442)


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