#ahmadis argue that the 23 year prophethood challenge doesn’t apply to Bahaullah because he claimed godhood. In 1886, in Surma Chasma Arya, MGA claimed that Muhammad (saw) was a manifestation of God. In 1904, the Al-Hakam claimed that Bahaulah claimed to be the Messiah. In 1904, in Lecture Lahore, MGA and his team mentioned how while going through the 27th August, 1904, edition of Paisa Akhbar, I learned that a gentleman named Hakim Mirza Mahmood Ahmad Irani, who is a follower of someone claiming to be the Messiah, is presently in Lahore and desires to have a Mubahala [prayer-duel] with me. The ROR (english) also discussed the Bahai’s, more info to come. Finally, in the 1990’s a bunch of Ahmadi’s left Ahmadiyya and became Bahai.

It should also be noted that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s GOD prayed, ate, fasted and is just like humans.

A’ina Kamalat i Islam p. 564

‘I saw in one of my visions that I am God myself and believed that I am the same. His Godhead penetrated and infused in me. My personal edifice collapsed and that of God appeared distinctly and divinity subdued me completely.’ He further writes ‘and in this state, I submitted that we need a new system and a new sky. So, first of all, I vaguely created the earth and the sky but there was no order and no system therein. Then according to the will of God, I put them in proper order and appropriate arrangements and I saw that I was capable of creating things. Then I originated the sky of the earth and said [sic]. Then I asserted that now We should beget man with the essence of clay. Then the state of contemplative vision converted into inspiration and I started muttering “These are the inspirations I am enlightened with by God Almighty.”

1898, Kitab ul Barriya
These are the pages where he quotes his vision of creating the universe as god and then argues for his divinity in Kitab al Bariyya where MGA claimed to be God and argued for his and the prophet Muhammad’s divinity from the Quran and MGA’s vision. He challenges the Christian missionaries to bring forth a statement of Jesus, where he claimed divinity like MGA.

He even quotes the pages in Aina Kamalat e Islam close to the Muhammadi Begum rant where he first quoted the vision of being God. Here are the Kitab al Bariyya scans:


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team wrote how Bahá’u’lláh claimed to be the Messiah

Akhbar Al-Hakam, Qadian, 24th October 1904, pg. 4

“Bahá’u’lláh, who claimed to be Messiah (مسیح) in 1269 A.H. remained alive till 1309 A.H.”

The December-1919 edition of the Review of Religions (ROR) discusses MGA’s dream wherein he became God. 

The Khalifa had just came back from his tour of the world (to London and back). His travel dates were July 12th, 1924 to November 24th, 1924 (see Tarikh e Ahmadiyya)(See also ROR of 2008). As soon as he returned to Qadian, he got all the reports of the “goings-on” while he was away. He received reports that his wife #2, Amtul Hai (age-24) was writing letters to various newspapers and telling them how bad her husband was. When the Khalifa returned from his tour of Europe in 1924, the daughter of Noorudin died mysteriously (his wife). The front page of Al-fazal 20 Dec 1924, it says “final moments of Syeda Amtul Hai (also spelled Amtul Haye).

Nevertheless, the Jalsa was held on the 26th-28th. Ahmadiyya sources claim that the 2nd Khalifa gave a 4 hour speech on Bahaism (which special focus on his claim to divinity) on the first day of the 1924 Jalsa. 

In the June-1925 edition of the ROR, Bahaism is discussed. See also the January-1925 edition of the ROR. 

In the May-1926 edition of the ROR, Bahaism was examined. 
Bahaullah denies being GOD

Farameen e Rabbul Junood

Náṣiri’d-Dín Sháh

186O King of the Earth! Hearken unto the call of this Vassal: Verily, I am a Servant Who hath believed in God and in His signs, and have sacrificed Myself in His path. Unto this bear witness the woes which now beset Me, woes the like of which no man hath ever before sustained. My Lord, the All-Knowing, testifieth to the truth of My words. I have summoned the people unto none save God, thy Lord and the Lord of the worlds, and have endured for love of Him such afflictions as the eye of creation hath never beheld. To this testify those whom the veils of human fancy have not deterred from turning unto the Most Sublime Vision, and, beyond them, He with Whom is the knowledge of all things in the preserved Tablet.

suriy haykal 186

192O King! I was but a man like others, asleep upon My couch, when lo, the breezes of the All-Glorious were wafted over Me, and taught Me the knowledge of all that hath been. This thing is not from Me, but from One Who is Almighty and All-Knowing. And He bade Me lift up My voice between earth and heaven, and for this there befell Me what hath caused the tears of every man of understanding to flow. The learning current amongst men I studied not; their schools I entered not. Ask of the city wherein I dwelt, that thou mayest be well assured that I am not of them who speak falsely. This is but a leaf which the winds of the will of thy Lord, the Almighty, the All-Praised, have stirred. Can it be still when the tempestuous winds are blowing? Nay, by Him Who is the Lord of all Names and Attributes! They move it as they list. The evanescent is as nothing before Him Who is the Ever-Abiding. His all-compelling summons hath reached Me, and caused Me to speak His praise amidst all people. I was indeed as one dead when His behest was uttered. The hand of the will of thy Lord, the Compassionate, the Merciful, transformed Me. Can anyone speak forth of his own accord that for which all men, both high and low, will protest against him? Nay, by Him Who taught the Pen the eternal mysteries, save him whom the grace of the Almighty, the All-Powerful, hath strengthened.
suriy haykal 192

101Certain ones among you have said: “He it is Who hath laid claim to be God.” By God! This is a gross calumny. I am but a servant of God Who hath believed in Him and in His signs, and in His Prophets and in His angels. My tongue, and My heart, and My inner and My outer being testify that there is no God but Him, that all others have been created by His behest, and been fashioned through the operation of His Will. There is none other God but Him, the Creator, the Raiser from the dead, the Quickener, the Slayer. I am He that telleth abroad the favours with which God hath, through His bounty, favoured Me. If this be My transgression, then I am truly the first of the transgressors. I and My kindred are at your mercy. Do ye as ye please, and be not of them that hesitate, that I might return to God My Lord, and reach the place where I can no longer behold your faces. This, indeed, is My dearest wish, My most ardent desire. Of My state God is, verily, sufficiently informed, observant.
101 suriy muluk

197And amongst the people are those who claim that He hath disbelieved in God—yet every member of My body testifieth that there is none other God but Him; that those Whom He hath raised up in truth and sent forth with His guidance are the Manifestations of His most excellent names, the Revealers of His most exalted attributes, and the Repositories of His Revelation in the kingdom of creation; that through them the Proof of God hath been perfected unto all else but Him, the standard of Divine Unity hath been raised, and the sign of sanctity hath been made manifest; and that through them every soul hath found a path unto the Lord of the Throne on high. We testify that there is none other God but Him, that from everlasting He was alone with none else besides Him, and that He shall be unto everlasting what He hath ever been. Too high is the All-Merciful for the hearts of those who have recognized Him to apprehend His true nature, or for the minds of men to hope to fathom His essence. He verily is exalted above the understanding of anyone besides Himself, and sanctified beyond the comprehension of all else save Him. From all eternity He hath been independent of the entire creation.
suriy haykal 197



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