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Ever since Shams ud Din came out and exposed Ahmadiyya, the Ahmadiyya Movement has sent his cousin (Yahya Khan) to begin a verbal battle. Shams ud Din presented new research on Yuz Asaf and stunned the world of Ahmadiyya. This work hasn’t been responded to by any Ahmadi in 3-4 years and nor do they care to. I recently engaged Yahya Khan on whatsapp wherein I asked him as to why he has never responded. The problem with Yahya Khan is that he has been taught to be competitive in his speech. He isn’t capable of having an honest and candid conversation. As I began to ask him questions, he kept asking me if I had answered all the queries by Christians vs. Islam. He asked this about 10 times, he was trying to say that he didn’t have to answer to all the objections vs. Ahmadiyya. He kept trying to assert that Ahmadi’s only want to argue the alleged death of Eisa (As). He is right, this is the official Ahmadiyya policy, they don’t even encourage Ahmadi’s to read the books of MGA and discover his other writings. Yahya Khan doesn’t know Islam or Ahmadiyya, most of his channel is him slandering Muslims. He has his own channel (Real Islam Channel) and regularly joins his boyfriends at the Tiryaq ul Quloub channel. He kept deflecting, I kept pressing him on Yuz Asaf, he continued to deflect, he then questioned by ability to read the books of MGA. My urdu, the percentage of books in English. He doesn’t know that Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya 1-5 and Haqiqatul Wahy is about 15-20% of MGA’s writings. Since most books are very small booklets. Even BA-5 is a mash up of 4 books.He kept trying to say that since I hadn’t read MGA’s books in urdu, I don’t know them, he even claimed that BA 1-5 and HW weren’t 20%, which was a rough estimate by me. He kept doing point making, he is rude, he was mad when I mentioned Shams ud Din’s research, he immediately got jealous.

After the initial sputtering of Yahya Khan, he finally commented on Shams ud Din’s work.
Again, he said,  Yuz asaf isn’t a main concern of Ahmadis. He said that MGA called the Yuz Asaf life story as a fable, however, MGA never said that. It was Maulvi Abdullah, who later became a Bahai, in fact, his testimony is MGA’s #1 source of information. Then he said, if MGA quoted the letter, this means that he agrees with it. However, this contradicts MGA and british prostitutes in British-India, wherein MGA quoted a newspaper and didn’t give his own comments. However, in 1902, MGA tells the public to go and read Ikmal ud Din. So MGA is asserting that Ikmal ud Din is an authentic book.  The Injeel of Yuzasaif was found? MGA asserted this also in 1898, which is a lie, Yahya Khan was stuck again. He forgets that MGA claimed to have angels with him, ruhul-amin and etc. Yahya Khan also doesnt know that after MGA died, Jesus in India was published and the word Yuz Asaf doesn’t even exist in that book.

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