Qazi Yar Muhammad was the Ahmadi who would inappropriately stroke MGA during prayers.  In fact, he would rub his genitals up against Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and was also a teacher of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad.  I have a new reference from Seeratul Mahdi which also proves the same story.  I also have a reference to the only book on record by Yar Muhammad.   This pamphlet of 26 pages was written by Qazi Yar Muhammad in January 1920. Qazi Yar Muhammad was a devout Ahmadi and then he left and wrote many pamphlets like this one, they were called for the most part “Ishtihar no 34”.

In 1924, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad mentioned Yar Muhammad 5+ times in his book “Aenas-Sadaqat” aka “Truth About the Split”, he mentioned how Yar Muhammad had opposed Ahmadiyya by 1911, he also wrote that Yar Muhammad was crazy in his Tafsir.  Further, Mahmud Ahmad was calling Esa (As) as crazy and then gave Yar Muhammad’s name as an example of pious people who are crazy.

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Yar Muhammad talks about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad getting a revelation

Qazi Yar Mohammad, writes on page 34 of his booklet “Islami Qurbai”:

“On one occasion, Hazrat Maseeh-e-Mauood revealed his condition that the State of Revelation came upon him in such a manner as if he were a woman and Allah had expressed His Power of Virility. This hint is enough for those who can understand.”

(Tract No.34, Islami Qurbani by Qazi Yar Mohammed)

“””Hazrat Maseeh Moud aik moka per apni halat yeh zahir fermai hy k Kashaf ki halat ap per is tarh tari huy k goya ap orat hain or Allah Ta’ala ny Rajooliyat ka izhar fermaya. Samjhany walay k liya Ishara he Kafi hy…”””

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MIrza Ghulam Ahmad once told his close companion, Yar Muhammad, that this one time during a revelation, he (MGA) had become like a woman and Allah was about to release the orgasms of MGA or to that effect.

The reference from Seeratul Mahdi
It is written on page 268, volume 3 of Seerat-ul-Mahdi:

“Dr. Mir Mohammad Ismael narrated to me that Huzur (i.e. MGA) always used to stand up to the right side in the first row near the wall during the prayers in the old Masjid-e-Mubarak. Imam [Prayer Leader] used to stand alone in the Hujra [small chamber]. Then, it so happened that a person became lunatic and started to stand up near Mirza Sahib and began causing him trouble during the prayers. Whenever he could only manage to get a place in the back rows, he would still jump several rows during each Sajdah [prostration] in order to come closer to Huzur (i.e. MGA), and caused him trouble. And before the Imam could finish prostration he would go back to his place. Fed up from this inconvenience, Huzur (i.e. MGA) started standing near the Imam in the Hujra, but the gentleman still continued reaching there too and still caused inconvenience. Mirza Sahib used to stand right behind the Imam in the first row during the Friday and Eid Prayers. That handicapped person, who was otherwise very sincere and was expressing his love according to his perception, inappropriately used to caress the body of Mirza Sahib with his hand to obtain Taburrak [blessing].”

One more thing
MGA would send this Mian Yar Muhammad to go and pick up his wine from Plommers shop in Lahore.  See here:

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