In a recent stream, Shams ud Din has revealed that the father of Yahya Khan, and his brother were kicked out of Ahmadiyya over 20+ years ago. His father divorced his mother and seems to have become a Muslim. Yahya Khan grew up in Chiniot, which is right next to Rabwah, however, Ahmadi’s in Chiniot seem to be under pressure, and this is how and why Yahya Khan became an islam hater. Yahya Khan grew up in Chiniot when Manzur Chinioti was exposing Ahmadiyya. You can read about the stupidity of Yahya Khan herein. Furthermore, ever since Shams ud Din came out and exposed Ahmadiyya, the Ahmadiyya Movement has sent his cousin (Yahya Khan) to begin a verbal battle. Shams ud Din presented new research on Yuz Asaf and stunned the world of Ahmadiyya. Watch my video on this herein.

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