Kashif N Chaudhry (@KashifMD on twitter) is a fanatical Qadiani-Ahmadi, he has been a major unofficial spokesman of the Ahmadiyya Community ever since he came to America about 10 years ago. Why has he been so fanatical? It seems that his father was an Ahmadi mullah aka employee. Thus, he grew up in the Gambia. He seems to be very rude and arrogant, which is common with the sons of Ahmadi murrabi’s around the world. He seems to have had his college education paid by the Ahmadiyya Movement and thus, he is extremely loyal to them. Ironically, a few months ago, he challenged homeopathic medicine and was called a hypocrite by Ahmadi’s on twitter. Qasim Rashid is also the son of an Ahmadi employee aka Mullah. 


In 1988, Mirza Tahir Ahmad laid the foundation stone for the Baitus Salam Mosque in Talinding Kunjang.

The famous Qadiani-Ahmadi personality, Kashif Chaudhary (@kashifmd) was a child and living in the Gambia at that time. These photo’s are in Kashif’s father’s house in George Town. Kashif’s brother is @waseemuk.

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