We often hear comments from apologists claiming things like:

  1. It’s the people, not the Jamaat.

  2. If your parents are bad, it’s them, not the Jamaat (recent link).

  3. If your marriage went bad, it was your partner, not the Jamaat.

  4. If a Jamaat official acted despicable, it was them, not the Jamaat.

All of these are presented in attempts to separate Jamaat from ethical and moral issues. I find that deeply problematic. Religion insists on providing a superior moral compass. is filled with such articles and Murabbi Farhan Iqbal sahab (u/farhaniqbal1) has even written a book (link) reportedly arguing against some supposed notion of atheist morality.

Let’s deconstruct how Mirza Tahir Ahmed sahab discussed morality:

“””The vacuum created by the non-existence of God is suddenly filled by man’s ego. It is a very naive and extremely ignorant philosophy … Ego, selfishness and the total commitment to serve one’s own ends grow stronger and all-powerful.

Societies, which are built with the bricks of such individuals, always remain egoistic and self-oriented. There is no logic left in being beneficial to others without an ulterior motive. There is no external reference point left in the form of a beneficent God, who is the only binding and meeting point of all forms of creation.” ( “Islam’s Response to Contemporary Issues”, passage taken from article link)”””

We can clearly see that Mirza Tahir Ahmed sahab begins by blaming atheism for personal moral corruption and extends it outwards to the moral depravity of entire societies. If nothing else, this shows that Mirza Tahir Ahmed sahab believed atheism to be a powerful idea that changes the individual who holds onto it and has a powerful, directly observable effect.

If atheism has such a powerful effect, why does the highly organized Ahmadiyya Jamaat not have even a comparable effect? Why should Jamaat not take responsibility of the moral ineptitudes and behavioral issues of it’s members? Isn’t a purpose of religion exactly improving it’s subscriber’s moral condition (as can be read in several books in Ruhani Khazain)?

So my dear Ahmadi apologist friend, while most people on this sub do not blame Ahmadiyyat for most of the personal trauma they face at the hands of Ahmadis, that does not imply an automatic superiority of Ahmadiyyat. It rather indicates the futility of Ahmadiyya morality in the view of exAhmadis.

If we change lens to religious instead, Ahmadiyyat is fully at blame, fully responsible where believers (including both high frequency practicing and low frequency practicing) misbehave. The behavior of individuals is indicative of the potency and persuasion of the moral framework (which is so frequently criticized, in the case of atheism, by Ahmadi writers. Like this one by Athar Warraich at Rational Religion, link). If anything, Ahmadi writers would do well to abandon such arguments like exAhmadis abandoned them.

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