All over the world, #Ahmadis refuse to discuss Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his claims. They are looking for Muslims who are ignorant of the details in terms of the case of Eisa (as) and Islam. Just recently, Shams ud Din cornered his cousin and other silly Ahmadi’s on MGA and how he lied about Eisa (As) dying in Kashmir, as well as Eisa (As)= Yuz Asaf. Shams ud Din’s cousin totally avoided the Shams ud Din Challenge and instead made personal attacks and wasted time. Well, this is being done in a strategical manner. The Ahmadiyya Movement works behind the scenes and advises Ahmadi’s to never discuss MGA, his claims and especially Eisa (As) dying in Kashmir, as well as Eisa (As)= Yuz Asaf. Just a few days ago, in an attempt to remind Ahmadi’s to disengage with Muslims, Razi aka Ahmadianswers, posted a quote from the 2nd Khalifa wherein he strictly advised Ahmadi’s to only talk about the alleged death of Eisa (As)(the quote is in the below).

The quote

“””There are many people who say that non-Ahmadi’s greet any discussion on the death of Isa (As) with annoyance, and this subject aught to be avoided and discussions with them should focus on other topics. This is wrong. Discuss other subjects only after they have accepted that Isa (as) has died.”””


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