Haqiqatul Wahy is a combination of 4-5 books mashed together, which is very typical of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers. The first ever english translation by the Jamaat was published in 2018. We found many false translations, read them here. This is the book wherein MGA admits to having rectal bleeding issues back in the late 1870’s after his dad died. We have also found a ridiculous translation of the word “majazi”, which means “metaphoric”. This is from the Arabic supplement of Haqiqatul Wahy, Muhammad Ali translated it many times from 1914–1923. The Qadiani’s never even tried to explain this, they left it alone, they were stuck with MGA and his team of writers telling the world that MGA’s prophethood was only metaphoric. We think the arabic supplement was written by Syed Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, who was always against the prophethood of MGA.

The first book inside of Haqiqatul Wahy is a 3-page short introduction. Under construction.

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RK 22 – Haqiqatul Wahi 1st edition

RK 22 – Haqatatul Wahi

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“Haqiqatul Wahy”, 1st edition (1907)

“Haqiqatul-Wahi” (1907) in english as “The Philosophy of Divine Revelation” is in english for the first time ever


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