Akber Chaudhary is a pioneer for the #exahmadimovement. We love him dearly. Recently, on the Tariq Chohan youtube channel, Akber Chaudhary has given his life story. His father was a professor at the T.I. College at Rabwah. In 1965, his father refused to take the bait of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, since her worked for him at the T.I. College and new he was corrupt. He eventually signed the bait in a few weeks. However, he seems to have quit teaching for the jamaat and taught at the government schools. His father was disillusioned with Ahmadiyya for 3 years. However, in the late 1960’s, he returned to the Jamaat at Rabwah, and even built a house in Rabwah. He signed up for Waqf-e-Zindagi, and went to Sierra Leone to teach. Upon returning from Sierra Leone, he again quit from the T.I. College and began teaching for the government. Again, he went to Sierra Leone and this time he took his kids. This was Freetown, Sierra Leone. Naseem Saifi (he was Akber’s mother’s cousin) was the missionary in-charge there. From there, they moved to Nigeria and worked for the government and were involved in the Ahmadiyya jamaat.

Akber was born in Rabwah, he was Wadf’d to the jamaat. He lived in West Africa and Rabwah. When Akber passed high school, his Waqf was suspended, since his father was so defiant to the jamaat. In his late teenage years, he became a Hafiz.

In the early 1980’s, he knew alot about Mirza Nasir Ahmad and his 2nd wife and all of those issues. He was present in Rabwah during the election of Mirza Tahir Ahmad and related the famous Mirza Rafi Ahmad story wherein he was forcibly restrained during this election and ultimately put on house arrest (1:46  to 3:45) by his brothers.

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