In 1956 (at the Jalsa in Rabwah), after kicking the sons of Noorudin out of Ahmadiyya, the 2nd Khalifa never led prayers or gave a public speech. Per Ahmadiyya sources, only Maulana Abdul Atara or Qazi Mohammad Nazir would lead the Friday sermon from 1957 to Nov. 1965. When the Khalifa finally died, Mirza Nasir Ahmad took over and gave all the official Friday sermons at Rabwah and around the world. In November of 1965, the eldest grandson of MGA seems to have chaired the election of the 3rd Khalifa, his name was Mirza Aziz Ahmad. In 1965, it is said that he was a contender for the Khilafat. Akber Chaudhary and Abdul Sami Zafa(starts at the 39:36 mark to 44:14) have also given details of the life of Mirza Rafi Ahmad. Mirza Rafi Ahmad was older than Mirza Tahir Ahmad by about 18 months and younger than Mirza Nasir Ahmad by almost 20 years.

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