In 1907, he was 20 years old and in Qadian, he was from Patiala. Per Ahmadiyya sources, he was allowing his wife to spend nights with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in full service (see page 101), which means massages and other sex games, she wasn’t alone, MGA was allowed to touch all women at Qadian. He travelled with the Khalifa to London and back in 1924. He was also the private doctor for the Khalifa and had even arranged for the Khalifa to be married in 1925 with Sara Begum. By 1931, he was the head doctor at Qadian and he was in-charge of the Noor Hospital. During partition, he moved to Rabwah and tended to Nusrat Jehan during her final illness. One of his grandsons (Dr. Abdul Mannan Siddiqi) was killed in 2008, and his daughter died in 2011.


He travelled with the Khalifa to London, most likely as his personal physician.

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In Qadian, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was allowed to be intimately touched by all women and men


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