He appears in the Moslem Sunrise of July-1921. In the May-1925 edition of the ROR, he claims to have converted 20 people to Qadianism, it is also listed that he is an imam out of St. Louis. In the January-1926 edition of the ROR, a letter he wrote to Khalifa is published. He claims that he converted to Ahmadiyya under Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. Another Ahmadi mullah, Maulvi Muhammad Din was working in the USA until 1926 and was replaced with Sufi Mutiur Rahman Bengalee worked from 1928–1948.

Some African American converts emerged as prominent missionaries of the Community. For example, Sheikh Ahmad Din (formerly known as P. Nathanial Jonson), who formerly may have been a Freemason or a member of the Moorish Science Temple, was appointed as a missionary in St. Louis, Missouri (see Turner). Din is said to have acquired roughly 100 converts in the city. J. H. Humpharies, one of Din’s converts, became an active missionary of the Ahmadiyya Community himself, after becoming disillusioned with Christianity. Humpharies was a Belgian-Congolese immigrant who studied at the Tuskegee Institute for the evangelical Protestant ministry (see Turner).

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Turner, Richard Brent (1997). Islam in the African American Experience. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. ISBN 0-253-34323-2.

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