The 1925 Jalsa at Qadian was reported in the February-1926 edition of the ROR. The Ahmadiyya Community claimed that 11,111 people attended. Maulvi Farzand Ali was there and gave a speech. Mir Muhammad Ishaq was there, he mostly managed the finances of the Jalsa, as was, Qasim Ali, Muhammad Yusuf, Maulavi Syed Sarwar Shah, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Hafiz Raushan Ali, Abdur Rahman, Fateh Muhammad Sial, Abdur Rahim Nayyar, Khalil Ahmad, Hafiz Raushan Ali, Zafrullah Khan and Mirza Sharif Ahmad.

The Ahmadiyya Movement alleges that the speeches of the 2nd Khalifa were converted into book format and published in 1926 as “Minhajut Talibeen” (Way of the Seekers).

Photo from the ROR of February-1926

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