Maulvi Muhammad Din was the second Qadiani-Ahmadi missionary sent to America. Ahmadiyya sources claim that he was a companion of MGA. The ROR of March-April-1916 alleges that he a Headmaster at the T.I High School in Qadian and that he has a B.A.

He relieved the famous Mufti Muhammad Sadiq in late April-July 1923. He wrote many essay’s in the ROR and seems to be fluent in english, in fact, he was editor of the ROR from 1918-Jan-1923, when he went to the USA. The Ahmadiyya Movement claims that he has a B.A. degree. He stayed in America until 1925. An Ahmadi living in America by the name of Dr. Muhammad Yousaf took over until 1928 (See page 52). In 1928, Sufi Bengalee replaced him and stayed as the only Ahmadi missionary in the USA until 1948 (See (Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around The World – A Pictorical Presentation. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; Khilafat Centenary Edition. 2008. ISBN 978-1882494514).


The ROR of Sep-1910 has an essay by him entitled, “Attitude of the Holy Quran towards other Revealed Scriptures and its Claim to Precedence”. 

The ROR of Jan-1911 has an essay by him entitled, “The Word of God versus the Work of God”. 

The ROR of March-1911 has an essay by him entitled, “Were Quranic Teachings About War Abrogated?”

The ROR of May-1911 has an essay by him entitled, “A Buddhist editor and Islam”. 

The ROR of Oct-1913 has an essay by him entitled, “Jesus as an Essene”. 

The ROR of Dec-1913 has an essay by him entitled, “Jesus in the Holy Quran” (Part-2). In the essay, he alleges that Eisa (as) was buried in Khan Yar Street in Kashmir, British-India.

When the split happened, he was there and helped Talim ul Islam High School (and later college), and how he helped it grow (See ROR of May-1944).

The ROR Of April-1915 has an article translated by him entitled, “The Teachings of the Promised Messiah”.  It’s unknown as to who wrote it. 

The ROR of March-April-1916 alleges that there were lots of opposition by Muslims, however, the Cannanore Ahmadiyya temple is about to get built in the Malabar region. It also reports that in North India Ahmadi’s are also working, giving lectures and etc. Sh. Abdur Rehman was one of the speakers. Other speakers were Moulvi Abul Hasham Khan Choudry, Zafrullah Khan and Maulvi Muhammad Din. 

The ROR of April-May-1917 has an article by him entitled, “Dr. Zwemer’s Qarina”. In this essay he discusses whether children are born with evil. 

The ROR of June-1917 reports that Mir Muhammad Ishaque (MGA’s brother-in-law) wrote an essay on “Some Problems For Our Christian Friends” (Part-1). His name is given with the appellation of H.A. which seems to mean Maulvi Fazil. This essay was translated into english by Maulvi Muhammad Din. 

He wrote an article in the ROR of Oct-Nov-1919 entitled, “Jewish sources of the Sermon on the Mount, Part-3″. Part-2 had appeared in the Aug-Sep-1919 edition of the ROR, part-1 appeared in the ROR of May-June-July-1919. He wrote an essay on “The Resurrection” in the ROR of May-June-July-1919, in this essay he claimed that Jesus migrated to Kashmir and died at age 120.

He wrote an article in the ROR of Dec-1919 entitled, “An Admission of Failure”. 

In the July-1920 edition of the ROR, he has an essay entitled, “Jesus vs. Paul”. It seems to be a book review. The June-1920 edition of the ROR carries an essay by him entitled, “Selah”. 

He is listed as the editor of the ROR. Sep-1922 also has him listed as the editor. All the way to Jan-1923, wherein Mirza Bashir Ahmad took over as the editor. 


The ROR mentions how he is enroute to America and has stopped in the UK.

Maulvi Muhammad Din – who reached Chicago on 29 March 1923 – was to replace him in America (Al Fazl, 14 May 1923). He spent nearly three months with the new missionary and handed him charge of the mission. While awaiting the travel expenses from Qadian, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq visited yet more cities. As he had not yet visited the western part of America, he intended to depart from the west coast for India via Japan. That would also enable him to convey the message of Islam in western America, but the delay of travel expenses from Qadian made him give up this idea and he ended up visiting neighbouring areas instead.

By April, he was in the USA and his photo appeared in the Moslem Sunrise of April-May 1923. He wrote articles for the ROR also.


He returns to British India. An Ahmadi living in America by the name of Dr. Muhammad Yousaf took over until 1928 (See page 52).

He has an article in the ROR of Dec-1932 entitled, “Companionate Divorce”.

He has an article in the ROR of Feb-1933 entitled, “Christianity and Divorce”.

He has an article in the ROR of May-1933 entitled, “Fake Spiritualism”.

He has an article in the ROR of July-1933 entitled, “The Palladium of Islam”.

He has an article in the ROR of Sep-1933 entitled, “Race, Pride and Prejudice”.

He has an article in the ROR of Aug-1934 entitled, “The Finality of Jesus Christ”. This seems to be an old essay of his.

He has an article in the ROR of Nov-1934 entitled, “Other Parallels”.

The ROR of May-1936 has an essay by him entitled, “Atonement and Vicarious Sacrifice” and “What is Islam?”.

The ROR of Aug-1938 has an essay by him entitled, “The Religious Status of Bahaullah”.

He is mentioned in the ROR of May-1944 in terms of the Talim ul Islam High School (and later college), and how he helped it grow back in 1914.
100 Years Ago… – Increase in new converts in America and an update from Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (

100 Years Ago… – Increase in new converts in America and an update from Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq

Al Fazl, 13 July & 17 August 1923

Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Dinra (1881-1983)
Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Din B A 1

New converts

According to the report of the week under discussion, eight new converts joined the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, alhamdulillah. These new converts include four white Americans, a native of China, and an African.

Lectures and interesting questions and answers

This week, both sessions of our Sunday jalsa [gathering] were very successful. In the morning session, there were around 70 people, some of whom were newcomer orthodox Christians. Among them was a Christian sermoniser as well, who had come all the way from the West Indies. She was presented with the message of Islam in person.

There were also a lot of people in the second session of the gathering. After Hazrat Mufti Sahib’s lecture, a very interesting discussion on the Issue of Buruz [Spiritual Projection], Existence of God, and Reincarnation, was held.

An allegation raised by an atheist made this discussion even more interesting. When this argument was presented to him that a person all alone declared that he had come from God and that whoever did not obey him would come to nought. The people of the world stood against him and, by all means, tried to annihilate or even kill him, etc. However, he stood resolute and said that even the greatest of empires would perish and be destroyed if they were to stand up against him. And then, for not one or two years, he continued to deliver this message for 23 years, practically proving that what he said was absolutely true. This truth was firmly established in the world, and he witnessed before his very eyes that all his enemies were humiliated, disgraced, and defeated. And the empires that wanted to lay hands on him fell to pieces. He declared this as proof of the existence of God, and in his formative years, he presented it as proof of his truthfulness. [The atheist was asked], “Is this not an undeniable proof of the existence of God?” Upon this, he was astounded and suddenly enquired as to who this person was. He was informed that there were many such chosen ones of God, but the greatest of them all was the Holy Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and all this was presented as proof by him. He replied, “I cannot believe this.” He was told that it is only in the hands of God to guide a disbeliever, but he could not refute this argument because nobody can deny the factual events.

Interest in learning the teachings of Islam

Many people who come to take Arabic lessons are expressing their desire to convert to Islam. These people are not able to spare time during the day due to their businesses, work and labour. Some friends are not only memorising different parts of the Holy Quran but are also trying their best to learn its correct pronunciation. Hence, they regularly come here two to three times a week and recite [the Holy Quran] by repeating it after me.

For the information of merchants

Many friends enquire of us about certain matters of trade and the names of the merchants here. By spending effort, time, and money on our part, they are provided with the necessary information. However, it does not mean that we are responsible in any way. It is their responsibility to start the business to their own satisfaction and take absolute care by utilising all available means. In other words, as much as they take care and caution in other worldly businesses, they should do the same in this case as well.

Moreover, one should also be mindful that some people send items to sell here. First of all, these friends should pay attention to the fact that heavy import duties have to be paid here. And sometimes we don’t even have the expenses to cover our food costs. On the other hand, those items are sometimes such that there is no demand for them here. So, they should first send a sample and enquire with us. Furthermore, keeping in mind our financial condition, please try your best not to burden us. For example, it costs us about two dollars to send a simple prospectus. That is, six to seven rupees are spent on this trivial matter. We do not and should not have any excuses for serving our friends, but considering the conditions here and taking the duty of preaching into account, these few lines had to be written. We never refuse to help and never will, insha-Allah.

New converts observed fasts

Some of the new converts here devotedly kept all the fasts of Ramadan last month, even though they were not used to it. Rather, under the conditions here, they were used to eating four times a day. They are so fond of food that it is very difficult for them to resist the temptation, but still, with great sincerity and enthusiasm, they observed all the fasts. May Allah the Almighty grant them the best of rewards and bless them with the ability to progress further in goodness.

Likewise, some other new converts who live on the West coast of America, several thousand miles away from us, have also sent letters saying that they have also kept all the fasts of Ramadan. Moreover, they expressed that their fasts did not have any effect on their work. Here, labourers have to work very hard. Although there was no holiday here on the day of Eid, several people left their businesses, gathered in large numbers, and offered Eid prayer in congregation.

By the grace of God Almighty, the work of preaching Islam is being done very well. New converts seek to learn and practise religion. Many righteous people and seekers of truth are engaged in research on Islam. May Allah the Almighty grant them the strength to accept Islam soon.

Al Fazl, 17 August 1923

Although the following report is short, the readers can observe how every word of it manifests great success, which is the result of the blessings and mercy of Allah the Almighty. May God grant Mufti Sahib the best of rewards, and may the seed of Ahmadiyyat that has been planted in America through him continue to grow by the day. —Editor, Al Fazl

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)

Alhamdulillah, the work of preaching that I had started in this country [of America] was accomplished only by the grace, mercy, and generosity of Allah the Almighty. A mosque has been built here, a mission house has been established, and a sincere Jamaat has been formed.

Maulvi Muhammad Din Sahib has understood and taken over all the work in the last three months. May Allah the Almighty help him and bless him with the strength to do more work. Brothers Muhammad Yusuf Khan Sahib and Syed Abdul Rahman Sahib are also staying with Maulvi Muhammad Din Sahib and helping him in his work. I have handed over the charge of all the work to Maulvi Muhammad Din Sahib and its copy has been sent to the office of Nazir in Qadian. The council here [in America] has also been forwarded a request to register the Ahmadiyya Jamaat with the government. Once the Jamaat is registered, the mosque and mission house will not be taxed by the government.

After handing over the charge, I am only staying here waiting for the travel expenses from Qadian.

We are receiving requests for lectures from other cities. I found it apt to spend the waiting time delivering the lectures. Hence, I moved from Chicago to Ashland, Kentucky. The population of this city is only around 10,000, but the streets are wide and clean, the market is extensive, and the houses are splendid. The city stretches for several miles along the river. Moreover, the mountains and the landscape are captivating, the people are creative, and the city has electricity, gas for cooking, underground drains in the toilets and bathrooms, a good library, several bunk beds, and all the essentials for comfort. Here, a sermon was to be held in a church, but it could not be delivered due to the opposition of the priests. Consequently, a lecture was given in a house. It had a great impact on the audience. Afterwards, literature was distributed, and the message of Islam was verbally conveyed to the participants. A lady converted to Islam, and several people came closer who are now studying the literature.

We have to visit another city from here, but I have to leave soon. Our mailing address is the same, and friends should keep sending all the letters, etc., to Chicago. Until the telegram about my departure is received from Qadian, friends should continue to send their letters here and bless me with their half mulaqat [meeting through letters].

My brother, Maulvi Muhammad Din Sahib, is sending reports about the work going on in Chicago. Therefore, I did not feel the need to write anything about it.


Muhammad Sadiq,

9 July 1923.

(Translated and edited by Al Hakam from the original Urdu, published in the 13 July and 17 August 1923 issues of Al Fazl)

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