He was a Qadiani-Ahmadi missionary and sent to the USA wherein he served from 1928 to 1948. He was relieved in 1948 by Khalil Ahmad Nasir. At that point, Sufi Muti-ur-Rahman Bengali returned to modern day Pakistan. The Ahmadiyya Movement claims that he held the M.A. Degree, however, this is most likely a lie. He mostly worked out of State street in Chicago, illinois. He was also the main editor with the Moslem Sunrise. The Moslem Sunrise ceased to publish from late 1924 to 1920, it was Sufi Bengalee who re-started it. In the ROR of Oct-1932 he is listed as a graduate degree holder, (M.A.).


He arrives in the USA as the only Qadiani-Ahmadi missionary. For 2 years there was no official Ahmadi missionary in the USA. He stays in the USA until 1948. Prior to him, Maulvi Muhammad Din served from 1923-1926.

He visits Indianapolis, Indiana and tried to get converts to Ahmadiyya.

He has an essay in the ROR of Oct-1932 entitled, “The Holy Prophet and Polygamy”.

“During the year, 115 lectures were delivered at various clubs, churches and societies with the number of audiences ranging between 500 and 3,000. Fifteen of these lectures focused on the life of the Holy Prophetsa – a topic, for obvious reasons, of great importance in this day and age and the best approach in the propagation of Islam. Such absurdities are attributed to the character of the Holy Prophetsa that the image of Islam is badly distorted; it is only through presenting to the public the true beautiful character of the Holy Prophetsa that the allegations can be addressed.”

He is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1933, as well as his missionary work in America. He seems to have just returned from a preaching tour of Michigan, wherein he tried to convert Syrian Muslims to Ahmadiyya and failed. He also travelled to Indianapolis and Detroit. He alleges to have converted 60 people to Ahmadiyya in 1933.

He is mentioned in the ROR of Sep-1933, he will be representing the Ahmadiyya Movement at a “Conference of Religions”, during Chicago’s Second World Fair, June-Nov-1933. It also has a report from Dr. Muhammad Yusuf from America about the spread of Ahmadiyya in Cleveland, Ohio, they allege to have 300 Ahmadi’s in Cleveland.

The ROR of Nov-1933 has a report from Sufi Muti-ur-Rahman Bengali wherein he tells how Zafrullah Khan stayed briefly in Chicago and went back to Toronto, Canada on Sep-7-1933. By the time this edition of the ROR was published, Zafrullah Khan was in England. Zafrullah Khan is doing some type of work with some “Joint Select Committee”. Zafrullah Khan is expected to be back in British-India the 3rd week of December. Sufi Muti-ur-Rahman Bengali escorted Zafrullah Khan to Detroit on his way out of America. 

He is mentioned in the ROR of May-1934. He alleges that 22 American’s have become Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. He is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1934, his headquarters are in Chicago. 

In one conference held on September 1, 1935, Bengalee attempted to give a practical example of favourable race relation among his converts. He introduced a white convert, Muhammad Ahmad, and a black convert, Omar Khan. The two discussed Islamic qualities concerning race relations. Perhaps, the most conspicuous was a conference at the Chicago Temple Building, attended by speakers of various religious and racial backgrounds. The conference which was entitled, “How Can We Overcome Color and Race Prejudice?” was attended by over 2000 people.[39]

He visits Pakistan and meets his son for the first time. 

He writes the book, “Tomb of Jesus” (published in 1946, from the USA), the 3rd edition exists on the internet herein. He wrote another book, “Life of Muhammad”.

He is ordered to return to modern day Pakistan after serving 20 years in the USA. He was relieved by Khalil Ahmad Nasir.

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