You all know about the scandal wherein the 5th Khalifa was asking Nida Al-Nasser to stay quiet about the sexual abuse/rape that has been happening to her for at least 18 years. Well, about 15-18 years ago, in remembrance of Mirza Tahir Ahmad many close family members of Mirza Tahir Ahmad gave their testimony, even Nida Al-Nasser. The reference is here for the original, its still on and will most likely be taken down soon (see pages 39-40). In this essay she talks about how people at Rabwah wanted their Khalifa to return in majestic fashion, however, that failed. We have also heard that at Rabwah, it is being discussed how the grand-daughter of Mirza Tahir Ahmad has went mad. However, this essay disproves that and many other rumors. Nida Al-Nasser is not crazy, she has been sexually traumatized via rape for most of her life. On top of that, the men in her family have forcibly made her shut her mouth about it.

Check out Affaf Azhar’s new interview with Ameer Faisal, she talks about the raping of Nida Al-Nasser and also check out the testimony of Fauzia Faiza from 7+ years ago, she is a close family member of the Mirza Tahir Ahmad and has spoke about the same type of rape-environment.


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Hopes Dreams and Wishes
By Nida Ul-Nasser
Written by Nida Ul-Nasser Ahmad – In Memory of my piyaaray Aba and the people of Rabwah.Nida is the daughter of
Sahibzadi Faiza Luqman and Sahibzada Mirza Luqman Ahmad and grandaughter of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV
and Hadhrat Asifa Begum Sahiba

“””Man, woman and child were in waiting for a man. Not any man. Oh no! They were yearning back for their friend, mentor, Father. Time passed, and they waited patiently without making any complaints. Over two decades the people of this town laboured hard for the prosperity of their community. Each and every individual saw the region develop before their eyes into full bloom. Their small town had flourished into a beautiful part of the country that they belonged to. Hospitals, Schools, Jamaati services were improved for the love of Ahmadiyyat and in exciting
anticipation for this great man’s welcome.

In return, this man was as eagerly waiting to meet the people of his town. His heart cried out to set foot on his home soil, just one more time. One more time would fill his heart’s wishes. When friends would visit him from the east, memories would come flooding back. He would cope with his sorrow through writing poems for his beloved people back home.

Both waited for the glorious day when they would meet one another. Each of them must have dreamt of the moment they had been waiting for. The locals of the town must have envisaged how they would greet this Man, how would they control their burgeoning emotions, what would they say to him? Likewise their preceptor must have ruminated his arrival as well over the years, the happiness that would explode inside him the moment he would set foot in his home soil, the anticipation of seeing all those changes friends.

2 years passed,5 years, 10 years… and then almost 20. But quite unexpectedly the great man became ill – how could this be possible? Our Guardian who had always looked over us was now ill. Ahmadies around the world were devastated. All around, Ahmadies raised their hands and dropped their heads and prayed for this man. This extraordinary man was our beloved Khalifa. After giving so much of himself and giving his life to his dearest Jama’at our beloved Huzur himself was now in difficulty and the Jamaat had now reached a critical point in Khalifah-Rabih’s Khilafat which they had to pull through as an even more cohesive community and so now a difficult time swept over our Jama’at.

The Jama’at all over the world became more united than ever because Ahmadies all over had one goal and that was to be in the service of our dearest Huzur at this critical time for our
beloved Jama’at.

As Huzur’s treatment began, Ahmadies everywhere poured their heart and soul to offering prayers for their beloved one. How painful it was to see him in this state of health, the tears
flowed down as our hearts were wrest assundered from the pain they felt to see our dearest Huzur like this, and prayers were not uttered but it were intense emotions which were taking shape of prayers.

Back at home, in Rabwah, the people must have throbbed with painful emotions as Huzur’s treatment went on. How long they had awaited for the arrival of their beloved Huzur
and longed for the day when they would be reunited with him, but the painful news of his illness brought much sadness to all of them– they could not bear to see him in such poor health for in the past they had always seen him full of vigour and energy. I don’t think I have ever seen anybody with so much exuberance and life. Huzur was a kind of person who was always up for a challenge and had to stay constantly active. Even when he fell ill and there were moments of hopelessness, he would be fighting for his health and would not succumb to having a negative attitude but would have a positive outlook on things. Huzur would pick the right moment for a joke; even the night before his demise he was entertaining us by telling us jokes from his university life. He greatly enjoyed hearing nazms and would always request such people as Wajeeha or Shaukat and others to sing nazms for him in classes. He also loved travelling, another love of Khalifah-Rabih’s. One holiday that stands out for me is that of Norway. He was always doing something or another – cooking for us, taking us fishing, hiking, or playing with us. He would never get exhausted. That was what was so special about him; he would go on and on and would only stop when he had achieved what he wanted.

As time went on, Huzur’s yearning to return to his dear Rabwah increased even more so. His heart ached to return back to his home town even if it may be just for one day – one day would
make his heart content. In that day he would absorb in everything from the simplest things such as flowers to chats with friends and imprint this memory on his mind never to forget it. One day would be sufficient enough.

The unified spirit of the Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya, as they prayed and prayed for their dearest Huzur, was rewarded as Khalifah- Rabih’s health slowly began to revive and, with the Grace of Allah, soon he started performing his daily Jama’ati duties again. As time passed Huzur became more active and more enthusiastic– the vibrancy and buoyancy that used to be in his nature returned. It was smiles all around. In the beginning of April 2003, unexpectedly there appeared prospects for Hazoor to return to Rabwah for a couple of days. So at long last his wish could be fulfilled, not only his wish but the wish of all the people back at Rabwah who had been waiting so patiently and for so long for his coming.

However that was not God’s will. On the morning of 19th of April 2003, Allah took our most precious and dearest Huzur, Khalifah-Rabih into his care. When someone very dear to you passes away and someone as extraordinary as Khalifah-Rabih, Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, My Aba, it feels as if a large piece of you has gone missing, like a whole chunk of your life has been extracted from you and with it a whole part of history comes to a cessation; a large gaping hole replaces it, slowly consuming you with emptiness and hollowness leaving behind wishes, hopes and dreams that could have been.

The long wish of my dearest Aba to return to his piyaaray Rabwah and the dreams of the thousands and thousands of people of Rabwah of wanting to meet their most beloved and loving Huzur came to an abrupt end at Huzur’s demise. When such great wishes are felt in the heart and passed on, I believe they are made to be fulfilled in equally great places and what greater place than Heaven. Such a wonderful and special meeting could only be fulfilled in the best of places and I think that was how God meant it to be.

With every death begins a new life. The passing away of Huzur,Khalifah-Rabih started a new chapter in his story. Although he no longer remains with us physically, he remains alive in our hearts and thoughts. Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s memory and legacy will live on for centuries and centuries to come, because he touched the hearts of millions around the globe – and they will keep the candle burning forever.
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