Sahibzadi Amatul Sabooh Begum (daughter of Syed Daud Muzaffar Shah and Amtul Hakeem Begum) is the wife of the 5th Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad (they married in 1977). Per Nida Al-Nasser and a leaked phone call/zoom call, it is the brother of Sahibzadi Amatul Sabooh Begum who Nida Al-Nasser named as her rapist. Her brother’s name seems to be Mahmood Shah (also spelled Mahmud Shah), she said that he is currently working as a Nazir e Islah o Irshad. We have found a Khalid Shah, he is the current Nazir-e-Ala at Rabwah. Is this the same person? Mirza Masroor Ahmad and Amatul Sabooh Begum have 2 children together, Amtul Waris Fateh and a son Mirza Waqas Ahmad. She was called Saboohi in the leaked audio.

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