Nida Al-Nasser mentioned almost 10 people in her famous leaked audio. The main person she mentioned was Syed Mahmood Ahmad Shah, Dr. Mubasher (aka, Mirza Mubasher Ahmad) who works at the Fazl-e-Omar hospital in Rabwah, Amir bhai (aka Amir Ahmad Khan, Nida’s first cousin, Cha Cha Fooree (Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad), Baba (Mirza Luqman Ahmad). The wife of the Khalifa, Subuhi is also mentioned, her full name is Sahibzadi Amatul Sabooh Begum. Uzma Baji and Athar (aka Mirza Athar Ahmad, son of Mirza Azhar Ahmad). Mirza Athar Ahmad was allegedly murdered in Rabwah and his wife, Uzma Baji was sent to the UAE to live out the rest of her life. Cha Cha moodee was also mentioned, his identity is unknown. 


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